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    Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Story Digest Magazine
    Subtitled “True Ghost Stories,” it was a collection of supposedly factual anecdotes about weird or supernatural happenings. Often sought by collectors to complete their set of Story Digest Magazine, but otherwise of little interest.

    Strange Adventures    (about)
    The contents page of the first issue has no title, but a self-referential blurb refers to the magazine as Amazing Adventures. The latter title has never actually been used as the title of an SF magazine; rumors of such a title were probably produced by coverless copies of SA.

    • Publishers:
      • Hamilton & Co. Ltd.; London, England: Strange Adventures

    • Editors:

    Strange Attractor    (about)
    Small press dark fantasy/horror fiction magazine.

    • Publishers:
      • Cadger; HOUGHTON REGIS, Beds: Strange Attractor

    • Editors:

    Strange Days [v1 #6, Spring 1993] (quarto)
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