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    Whispers    (about)
    Semi-professional magazine. Several issues were also done in hardcover as collectors editions. A final issue was bound back-to-back with Weirdbook #30, Spring 1997. See also Toadstool Wine.

    • Publishers:
      • Stuart David Schiff; Fayetteville, NC: Whispers, Jul 1973 – Dec 1975.
      • Stuart David Schiff; Chapel Hill, NC: Whispers, Dec 1976.
      • Stuart David Schiff; Browns Mills, NJ: Whispers, Aug 1977 – Oct 1979.
      • Stuart David Schiff; Binghamton, NY: Whispers, Mar 1982 – Oct 1987.
      • W. Paul Ganley; Buffalo, NY: Whispers, Last Issue, 1997.

    • Editors:

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