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    Apparently an “ashcan” issue published for trademark purposes. Ziff-Davis issued a large number of these in the late 40’s but the purpose of this one is not certain. It is known that Howard Browne planned to convert Amazing Stories to a large-size, semi-slick format in 1950 but was thwarted by paper rationing when the Korean War started. This issue may have been printed to protect a modified version of Amazing’s title and logo.

    • Publishers:
      • Ziff-Davis Publishing Co.; Chicago: Amazing, v.A #1, Aug ’50.

    • Editors:

    Amazing Adventures (Hamilton & Co. 1946)    (about)
    An alternate title for the first issue of Strange Adventures, it appeared only in a blurb on the contents page. It has been persistently, and erroneously, reported as a separate title.

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