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    Forever Magazine [#50, March 2019] ed. Neil Clarke (Wyrm Publishing, $2.99, ebook, cover by Ron Guyatt)
    Details taken from magazine website.
    • In the Quake Zone · David Gerrold · na Down These Dark Spaceways, ed. Mike Resnick, SFBC 2005
    • The Dragon of Pripyat [Gennady] · Karl Schroeder · nv Tesseracts 8, ed. John Clute & Candas Jane Dorsey, Tesseract Books 1999
    • The Chameleon’s Gloves · Yoon Ha Lee · nv Cosmic Powers, ed. John Joseph Adams, Saga Press 2017

    Forgotten Fantasy [v1 #2, December 1970] (60¢, 132pp, digest, cover by George Barr)
    • 6 · When the Gods Slept · Lord Dunsany · ss Time and the Gods, Heinemann 1906
    • 14 · The Shadows on the Wall · Mary E. Wilkins Freeman · ss Everybody’s Magazine Mar 1903
    • 34 · The Goddess of Atvatabar [Part 2 of 4] · William R. Bradshaw · n. Douthitt 1892
    • 123 · The Fisherman · Goethe; translated by Matthew Gregory Lewis · pm (r)
    • 124 · Memnon or, Human Wisdom · Voltaire · ss Romances, Tales and Smaller Pieces of M. De Voltaire, Dodsley 1794; translated from the French (“Memnon ou la Sagesse humaine”).

    Fortress    (about)

    • Publishers:
      • SG Print; Erie, PA: Fortress, #1 – 3.
      • SG Print; Fairview, PA: Fortress, #4—.

    • Editors:

    Four in One Weird and Occult Shorts    (about)
    This magazine was an attempt by Swan to eliminate unsold issues of various publications. The Four in One, subtitled “Supernatural Yarns”, was four separate magazines re-packaged within a new external cover, which shows a vampire rising from a coffin. Three copies have been examined with three different sets of contents, two of them including magazines that have nothing to do with the weird or the occult.

    • Publishers:
      • Gerald G. Swan, Ltd.; London, England: Four in One Weird and Occult Shorts

    The 14th Alternative    (about)

    • Publishers:
      • Gate VI Publishing Company; Elmhurst, IL: The 14th Alternative
      • Editor: The 14th Alternative

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