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    Ghost Stories    (about)
    The early issues were published in the format of Macfadden’s “true story” magazines. To add versimilitude, the magazine was illustrated with double-exposure photographs and the stories often carried double bylines in the form “by X as told to Y”, implying that the the story had been written by Y based on an account by X. Note that a number of reprints from Ghost Stories list only the X by-line.

    • Publishers:
      • Constructive Pub. Corp.; Dunellen, NJ: Ghost Stories, Jun 1926 – Mar 1930.
      • Good Story Magazine Co., Inc.; New York: Ghost Stories, Apr 1930 – Dec 1931.

    • Editors:

    • Features:
      • Secrets of the Hand · Cheiro · ar; Oct/Nov 31, Dec 31/Jan 32.

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