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    Hardware    (about)

    • Publishers:
      • Jimm Gall; Trenton, NJ: Hardware, #1.
      • Jimnasium Works; Trenton, NJ: Hardware, #2.

    • Editors:

    The Haunt of Horror    (about)
    The publisher later issued a comic book with the same title, starting over again at number 1. The early issues of the comic book each contained one prose story drawn from the leftover inventory of the fiction magazine.

    • Publishers:
      • The Marvel Comics Group; New York: Haunt of Horror

    • Editors:

    Haunted Dreams    (about)
    Small press sf/horror magazine.

    • Publishers:
      • Dream Zone Publications; Bradford, West Yorks, England: Haunted Dreams

    • Editors:

    Haunts    (about)
    Semi-professional magazine.

    • Publishers:
      • Nightshade Publications; Providence, RI: Haunts, #1 – 1927.
      • Nightshade Publications; Cranston, RI: Haunts, #28—.

    • Editors:

    • Features:

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