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    Hub Magazine [#134, February 10, 2011]
    • Progeny · Mark Morris · ss Invasion of the Sad Maneating Mushrooms #3 1992

    Hub Magazine [#146, December 22, 2012]
    • The Dry Heat, the Dust, the Martinis and the Insects · R. J. Barker · ss In Bad Dreams, Volume One: Where Real Life Awaits, ed. Mark S. Deniz & Sharyn Lilley, Eneit Press 2007

    Hub Aleph [#1, November 16, 2009] (online)
    “Aleph is an occasional series we’ll be doing looking at the best, oldest and oddest genre fiction around. We’ll be covering everything outside the 20th century, the sort of work that laid the foundation for everyone from Lovecraft up to King.” This first issue contains a single piece of (reprint) fiction:

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