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    Nightmare [#77, February 2019] ed. John Joseph Adams (Nightmare Magazine, $2.99, ebook, cover by grandfailure)
    Details taken from Table of Contents.
    • Editorial · John Joseph Adams · ed
    • Quiet the Dead · Micah Dean Hicks · ss
    • We Are All Monsters Here · Kelley Armstrong · ss Seize the Night, ed. Christopher Golden, Gallery Books 2015
    • 58 Rules to Ensure Your Husband Loves You Forever · Rafeeat Aliyu · ss
    • The Glottal Stop · Nick Mamatas · ss The People’s Republic of Everything, Tachyon Publications 2018
    • The H Word: How The Witch and Get Out Helped Usher in the New Wave of Elevated Horror · Richard Thomas · cl
    • Roundtable Interview with Women in Horror · Lisa Morton · iv

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