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    Leisure Western [nn, 195?] (H.J. Edwards, 6d, digest)
    Details supplied by Theo Hristakos.
    • · Stranger from Tahoosen · Jack Young · nv; given as by Lester Way on the cover.
    • · Gun Justice · Ken Whittle · ss

    Leisure Western [nn, 195?] (H. John Edwards, 6d, digest)
    Details supplied by Theo Hristakos.

    The Lone Ranger Magazine:   (about)
    Details on retitled reprints supplied by Kenneth R. Johnson and the REH Foundation from articles published by Glenn Lord.

    The Lone Ranger [Volume 1 Number 1, August 1936] (5¢, 32pp, pulp)
    This publication is of major significance in the development of The Lone Ranger character. As The Lone Ranger radio show was becoming a nationwide popular phenomenon, the Spartan Publishing Co. of New York City published this “Ashcan” prototype for a monthly pulp magazine for copyright purposes. The front cover depicts The Lone Ranger wearing a red bandanna rather than trademark black mask. This prototype is dated 7 months prior to the first issue of the mass circulation publication which was titled “The Lone Ranger Magazine” with the Vol. 1, No. 1 issue dated April 1937. Spartan changed their name to Trojan by April or May 1937. Note that the stories in this issue have no Lone Ranger content, but the third entry on the title page lists page 21 as the start of story “The Lone Ranger Rides—A Glimpse Down Pioneer Trail.” This part of large, bold type reads in part “…It’s The Man Who Rides Alone Who Meets Danger In The Most Dramatic Fashion…The Lone Rider Carries Excitement Wherever He Goes! Follow The Adventures Of The Lone Ranger In Every Thrilling Issue of This Magazine.” The magazine also carries several full page or smaller advertising pages, including a full-page Johnson-Smith ad showing 21 of their novelties and offering their catalogue. Inside covers are blank, back cover is ad for musical instruction from US School of Music.
    Details taken from eBay listing.

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