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    The Western Raider:   (about)

    The Western Raider [v2 #1, February-March 1939 (unpublished)]
    One story was announced for the unpublished February-March 1939 issue.
    Details taken from The Pulp Magazine Index by Len Robbins.

    The Octopus
    Title changed from The Western Raider. A villain-oriented character pulp. The authorship of the Dr. Skull stories is unclear. Both have been reprinted under Norvell Page’s name while the records for Popular Publications suggest that the first, at least, was rewritten by Edith and Ejler Jacobson.

    The Scorpion
    Title changed from The Octopus. The lead novel features the same hero as The Octopus, but a different villain, after whom the magazine is titled.

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