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    The Laughing West ed. C. L. Sonnichsen (Swallow Press, 1988, tp)
    A collection of humorous western stories. Details supplied by Kent Johnson.
    • Ancestral Eagles [from Indian Stories-from the Pueblos] · Frank G. Applegate · ss
    • The Marriage of Moon Wind · Bill Gulick · ss The Saturday Evening Post Dec 31 1955
    • Louis Champlain’s Party [from Stay Away Joe] · Dan Cushman · ss
    • A Night in Town [from Men and Horses] · Ross Santee · ss
    • Old Fooler in Action [from The Rounders] · Max Evans · ss
    • Partners [from The Cadillac Cowboys] · Glendon Swarthout · ss
    • Little Piñon Fires [from No High Adobe] · Dorothy Pillsbury · ss
    • Life at Sagrado [from Red Sky at Morning] · Richard Bradford · ss
    • Joe Mondragón Defies the Establishment [from The Milagro Beanfield War] · John Nichols · ss
    • The Real Wild Bill Hickok [from Little Big Man] · Thomas Berger · ss
    • The History of Sheriff C.L. Hoke Birdsill [from The Ballad of Dingus Magee] · David Markson · ss
    • Tom Horn Meets Al Sieber [from Pilgrim in the West] · Will Henry · ss
    • Jaimie Meets Jim Bridger [from The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters] · Robert Lewis Taylor · ss
    • Ike Bender’s Indian Scare [from The Road to Many a Wonder] · David Wagoner · ss
    • Flashy and Sonsee-Array [from Flashman and the Redskins] · George MacDonald Fraser · ss
    • Reel 11 [from God’s Other Son] · Don Imus · ss
    • Spotlight on Cullie Blanton [from The One-Eyed Man] · Larry L. King · ss
    • Seldom-Seen Smith [from The Monkey Wrench Gang] · Edward Abbey · ss
    • The Founding of Caliche [from The Return of the Virginian] · H. Allen Smith · ss
    • Janet and Her Songs [from Baja Oklahoma] · Dan Jenkins · ss
    • Freight Train [from Peeper] · William Brinkley · ss

    Western Frontier Stories Retold from St. Nicholas St. Nicholas Magazine (Century, 1907, hc) [Western]
    Contains illustrations. May consist of factual articles and biographical accounts, rather than fiction, but told in narrative form, for younger readers. Copyright dates are cited as 1890-93, 1896, 1900-01, 1903, 1905, 1906-07.

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