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Kane, Henry (J.) (1908-1988) (stories)
Probable birth name: Henry Cohen. Foreign correspondent; former Grand Prix racer.
See also www.mulhollandbooks.com/2010/11/22/the-murders-in-memory-lane-remembering-henry-kane

Kantor, MacKinlay (1904-1977) (stories)
Poet and novelist. Born in Webster City, Iowa; died in Sarasota, Florida.
See also www.sf-encyclopedia.com/entry/kantor_mackinlay

Karp, David (1922-1999) (stories)
See www.sf-encyclopedia.com/entry/karp_david

Karr, Leona (C.) (1925- ) (stories)
Living in Denver.

Kastle, Herbert D(avid) (1924-1987) (stories)
Writer. Born in Brooklyn, New York; lived in Peekskill, New York.
See also lynn-munroe-books.com/list59/herbertkastle.htm

Kauffman, Reginald Wright (1877-1959) (stories)
Born and mostly lived in Lancaster, Pa.; graduate of Harvard; editor of Bangor, Maine, newspaper in 1940s.

Kauffmann, Stanley (1916-2013) (books) (stories)
See en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanley_Kauffmann

Kaufmann, Nicholas (fl. 2000-2014) (stories)
See www.nicholaskaufmann.com

Kay, Kenneth (Edmond) (1915-1990) (stories)
Writer. Born in Atlanta, Georgia; lived in Norfolk, Virginia.

Kazakov, Yuri (Pavlovich) (1927-1982) (stories)
See en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yury_Kazakov

Keating, H(enry) R(eymond) F(itzwalter) (1926-2011) (stories)
See www.sf-encyclopedia.com/entry/keating_h_r_f

Keene, Day; pseudonym of Gunard Hjertstedt (1904-1969) (stories)
Born in Chicago, died in Los Angeles; one time actor and author of radio soap operas.
See also www.sf-encyclopedia.com/entry/keene_day

Keith, William H(enry), Jr. (1950- ) (stories)
See www.sf-encyclopedia.com/entry/keith_william_h_jr

Kelland, Clarence Budington (1881-1964) (stories)
Born in Portland, Michigan; educated at Detroit College of Law.

Kelley, Francis Beverly (1905-1984?) (stories)
Ohio author.

Kelley, Leo P(atrick) (1928-2002) (stories)
See www.sf-encyclopedia.com/entry/kelley_leo_p

Kelley, William Melvin (1937- ) (stories)
See www.sf-encyclopedia.com/entry/kelley_william_melvin

Kelly, Eleanor Mercein (1880-1968) (stories)
See en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eleanor_Mercein_Kelly

Kelly, Robert (1935- ) (stories)
See www.sf-encyclopedia.com/entry/kelly_robert

Kennedy, John F(itzgerald) (1917-1963) (stories)
See en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_F._Kennedy

Kent, John (fl. 1933-1940) (stories)
Perhaps John Leo Kent (1902- ), born in Wangaratta, Victoria, Australia.

Kenyon, Sherrilyn (1965- ) (stories)
See en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sherrilyn_Kenyon

Kerouac, Jack [i.e., John Kerouac] (1922-1969) (stories)
Born in Lowell, Mass.

Kerr, Sophie [i.e., Sophie Kerr Underwood] (1880-1965) (stories)
Born in Denton, Marylamd; educated at University of Vermont; managing editor, Women’s Home Companion; contributed to many magazines and newspapers.
See also www.sf-encyclopedia.com/entry/kerr_sophie

Kersh, Gerald (1911-1968) (stories)
See www.sf-encyclopedia.com/entry/kersh_gerald

Kesey, Ken [i.e., Kenneth Elton Kesey] (1935-2001) (stories)
See en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ken_Kesey

Kessel, John (Joseph Vincent) (1950- ) (stories)
See www.sf-encyclopedia.com/entry/kessel_john

Ketchum, Philip (L.) (1902-1969) (stories)
Born and educated in Colorado; in social work for 10 years before turning to writing and moving to California.

Key, Alexander (Hill) (1904-1979) (stories)
See www.sf-encyclopedia.com/entry/key_alexander

Key, Wilson B(ryan, Jr.) (1925- ) (stories)
Journalist and teacher. Born in Richmond, California; lives in California.

Keyes, Daniel (1927-2014) (stories)
See www.sf-encyclopedia.com/entry/keyes_daniel

Kilworth, Garry (Douglas) (1941- ) (stories)
See www.sf-encyclopedia.com/entry/kilworth_garry

Kincaid, Paul (1952- ) (stories)
See www.sf-encyclopedia.com/entry/kincaid_paul

King, Stephen (Edwin) (1947- ) (books) (stories)
See en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_King

Kingsley, Mary St. Leger [i.e., Mary St. Leger Kingsley Harrison] (1852-1931)
Born in Eversley, Hampshire; studied art but gave it up after marriage; later took up writing and lived on the continent.

Kingsmill, Hugh; pseudonym of Hugh Kingsmill Lunn (1889-1949) (stories)
See www.sf-encyclopedia.com/entry/kingsmill_hugh

Kinnell, Galway (Mills) (1927-2014) (stories)
See en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Galway_Kinnell

Kipling, (Joseph) Rudyard (1865-1936) (stories)
See www.sf-encyclopedia.com/entry/kipling_rudyard

Kirkup, James (Falconer) (1918-2009) (stories)
See en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Kirkup

Kjelgaard, Jim [i.e., James Arthur Kjelgaard] (1910-1959) (books) (stories)
Author, remembered for animal stories such as Big Red, which featured an improbably noble Irish Setter. Born in New New York City; died in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
See also www.sf-encyclopedia.com/entry/kjelgaard_jim

Klass, David (1960- ) (stories)
See www.sf-encyclopedia.com/entry/klass_david

Kline, Otis Adelbert (1891-1946) (stories)
See www.sf-encyclopedia.com/entry/kline_otis_adelbert

Knibbs, Henry Herbert (1874-1945) (stories)
Poet and novelist. Born in Clifton, Ontario; died in La Jolla, California.

Kniffin, Harry Anable (1876-1939) (stories)
See tellersofweirdtales.blogspot.co.uk/2011/05/harry-anable-kniffin-1876.html

Knight, Damon (Francis) (1922-2002) (books) (stories)
See www.sf-encyclopedia.com/entry/knight_damon

Knight, Kobold; pseudonym of Eric Cawood Gwyddyn Giddy (1895-1957) (stories)
This later became his legal name.

Knowles, Mabel Winifred (1875-1949) (stories)
Born in Streatham.

Knox, John H. (1905- ) (stories)
Not animal scientist John Harvey Knox (1898-1979).

Koestler, Arthur (1905-1983) (stories)
See www.sf-encyclopedia.com/entry/koestler_arthur

Kofoed, Jack [i.e., John Christian Kofoed] (1894-1979) (stories)
Journalist, editor, and writer. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; died in Miami, Florida.

Komroff, Manuel (1890-1974) (stories)
See www.sf-encyclopedia.com/entry/komroff_manuel

Konopnicka, Maria (1842-1910) (stories)
See en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maria_Konopnicka

Koontz, Dean R(ay) (1945- ) (stories)
See en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dean_R._Koontz

Kornbluth, C. M. [i.e., Cyril Kornbluth] (1923-1958) (stories)
See www.sf-encyclopedia.com/entry/kornbluth_c_m

Kosinski, Jerzy (Nikodem) (1933-1991) (stories)
See en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jerzy_Kosi%C5%84ski

Kotzwinkle, William E. (1938- ) (stories)
See www.sf-encyclopedia.com/entry/kotzwinkle_william

Kramer, Kathryn (1945- ) (stories)
See www.sf-encyclopedia.com/entry/kramer_kathryn

Krauzer, Steven M(ark) (1948-2009) (books) (stories)
See www.sf-encyclopedia.com/entry/krauzer_steven_m

Krenkel, Roy G(erald, Jr.) (1918-1983)
See pulpartists.com/Krenkel.html

Krepps, Robert W(ilson) (1919-1980) (stories)
Writer and editor. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; died in Florida.
See also www.sf-encyclopedia.com/entry/krepps_robert_w

Kroll, Harry Harrison (1888-1967) (stories)
Lived as a child in Dyersburg, Tennessee, and teens and young adult in Alabama; school teacher in Alabama though without formal education, then obtained degrees from Peabody College for Teachers in Nashville; taught English composition and literature at University of Tennessee and Lincoln Memorial University; published over 900 pieces of short fiction and essays and 27 novels.

Kuehn, Susan (Elizabeth) (1927- ) (stories)
See www.writinguniversity.org/writers/susan-boyd

Kuhring, Ludwig Paul (1890-?) (stories)
Writer; spent time in the armed forces and working in construction. Born in Toronto, Canada; lived in Ottawa, Canada.

Kull, George F(rederick?) (1911-1963) (stories)
Born in Buffalo, New York; died in Riverside, California.

Kyne, Peter B(ernard) (1880-1957) (stories)
Novelist, now considered racist. Born and died in San Francisco, California.
See also www.sf-encyclopedia.com/entry/kyne_peter_b

La Farge, Christopher (Grant) (1897-1956) (stories)
See en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christopher_La_Farge_(author)

La Guma, (Justin) Alex(ander) (1925-1985) (stories)
Born in Cape Town; one of the leaders of the anti-apartheid movement.

La Tourette, Aileen (1946- ) (stories)
See www.sf-encyclopedia.com/entry/la_tourette_aileen

Lackey, Mercedes (née Ritche) (1950- ) (stories)
See www.sf-encyclopedia.com/entry/lackey_mercedes

Lamarque, Gerald Theodore (1920-1978) (stories)
Served in British First Airborne Division in North Africa and elsewhere; committed the murder of a hotel proprietor in Swansea and went to prison for it.

Lamb, Charles (1775-1834) (stories)
See en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Lamb

Lamb, Harold A(lbert) (1892-1962) (stories)
Writer, very popular for his scholarly historical adventures involving the Crusades, the Far East, and pre-modern Europe. He was fluent in Arabic and Chinese, and in 1929 he was awarded Guggenheim award; in 1932 he was given a medal for scientific research by the Persian government. Born in Alpine, New Jersey; lived in California; died in Rochester, Minnesota.
See also pulpflakes.blogspot.com/2012/05/harold-lamb-adventure-short-story.html; en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harold_Lamb

Lambert, Elisabeth [i.e., Elisabeth Lambert Ortiz-Tinoco] (1915-2003) (stories)
Born Betty Lambert in Hendon, England; married Robert Patrick Terpening in Australia; widowed in 1945, and married Cesar Ortiz Tinoco in the 1960s; died in New York City; authority on Latin American Cooking.

Lamson, David (Albert) (1902-1975) (stories)
Born in Tasmania.

Landis, Geoffrey A(lan) (1955- ) (stories)
See www.sf-encyclopedia.com/entry/landis_geoffrey_a

Landolfi, Tommaso (1908-1979) (stories)
See www.sf-encyclopedia.com/entry/landolfi_tommaso

Landry, Judith (fl. 1965-2014) (stories)
See www.dedalusbooks.com/our-authors-and-translators-details.php?id=00000107&fr=n

Lang, Andrew (1844-1912) (stories)
Brother of William Henry Lang.
See also www.sf-encyclopedia.com/entry/lang_andrew

Lang, John (George) (1816-1864) (stories)
Born in Australia; qualified as a barrister at Cambridge and practiced in Sydney and in India, where he switched to journalism; died in India. Considered to be the first Australian to publish works of fiction.

Lang, William Henry (1859-1923) (stories)
Brother of Andrew Lang.

Langford, David (Rowland) (1953- ) (stories)
See www.sf-encyclopedia.com/entry/langford_david

Langgässer, Elisabeth (1899-1950) (stories)
See en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elisabeth_Langg%C3%A4sser

Lardner, Ring(gold) W(ilmer) (1885-1933) (stories)
See en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ring_Lardner

Laski, Marghanita (1915-1988) (stories)
See www.sf-encyclopedia.com/entry/laski_marghanita

Latham, Robert (Arch) (1959- ) (stories)
See www.sf-encyclopedia.com/entry/latham_rob

Latsis, Mary Jane (1927-1997) (stories)
A lawyer.

Laumer, (John) Keith (1925-1993) (stories)
See www.sf-encyclopedia.com/entry/laumer_keith

Lavender, David (Sievert) (1910- ) (stories)
Teacher, writer. Born in Telluride, Colorado; resident in California.

Lawrence, Joseph I(vers) (1879-1963) (stories)
Born in Worcester, Massachusetts; died in Miami, Florida; editor and publisher.

Lawrence, Judith Ann (1935?- ) (stories)
See www.sf-encyclopedia.com/entry/lawrence_j_a

Lawson, Anthea; pseudonym of Lawson Dumbek (1963- ) & Anthea Lawrence (1967- ) (stories)
See anthealawson.com

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