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    Double-Action Gang Magazine:
    Double-Action Gang Magazine was a short-lived member of the “Double Action” magazine group and claimed to be oriented to “guns, gangsters, gun molls and stories of true gang life”. It ran on a vaguely bimonthly schedule for 4 years. The final, October 1939, issue was confusingly renamed to True Gangster Stories despite containing the same mix of fact and fiction as before.

    True Gangster Stories
    Fiction, despite title. Title changed from Double-Action Gang Magazine.

    • Publishers:
      • Winford Publications, Inc.; 2256 Grove Street, Chicago, IL: True Gangster Stories

    Double Detective:
    Double Detective ran for five years on a mainly monthly schedule, notching up a total of 41 issues from the original publisher (Frank A. Munsey) plus a single, later, issue from Popular Publications. It is chiefly remember today for introducing the pulp-hero character known as “The Green Lama”. In between the two runs, Munsey launched Love-Crime Detective as a replacement, but it only lasted for five issues.

    Double Detective

    • Publishers:
      • The Frank A. Munsey Company; 280 Broadway, New York, NY: Double Detective

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