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    Gangland-Racketeer Stories
    Mike Cook, in Mystery, Detective and Espionage Magazines, lists this as a Blue Band magazine in the 1930s, but this is probably a confusion for the merger of Gangland Stories and Racketeer Stories.

    Gangland Stories:
    Racketeer Stories and Gangland Stories were two of Harold Hersey’s less successful gangster pulp magazines, attempting to cash in on the popularity of Gangster Stories. The former lasted for only 18 issues and the latter for a mere 14 issues before the two magazines were merged to form Racketeer and Gangland Stories, which lasted a mere three issues. Commenced with Volume 1 #2, a practice not unusual with Harold Hersey magazines.

    Gangland Stories

    • Publishers:
      • Double-Action Magazines, Inc.; 2256 Grove Street, Chicago, IL: Gangland Stories

    Racketeer and Gangland Stories
    Title changed from Gangland Stories, following merger with Racketeer Stories.

    • Publishers:
      • Blue Band Publishing Corp.; Myrick Building, Springfield, MA: Racketeer and Gangland Stories

    The Gang Magazine    (about)
    One of the innumerable magazines introduced to capitalise on the reading public’s fascination with gangsters and gun molls, The Gang Magazine was less successful than most and lasted a mere three issues.

    • Publishers:
      • Lincoln Hoffman; 220 West 42nd Street, New York, NY: The Gang Magazine

    • Editors:

    Gang Shorts    (about)
    Small pamphlet magazines issued toward the end of the Second World War when paper rationing was at its height.

    • Publishers:
      • Gerald G. Swan, Ltd.: Gang Shorts

    Gang Shorts [2nd Collection] (Gerald G. Swan, 5.5" x 8.5")
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