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    John Creasey Mystery Magazine (US)    (about)
    Five issues of John Creasey Mystery Magazine have been located which have identical contents and issue numbers to the main sequence, but have stickers on the cover identifying them as a “Special US Edition”, with a price of 35 cents and dates ranging from January to March (presumably 1959).

    • Editors:

    Justice    (about)
    A pulp magazine in all but format, Justice carried the subtitle “Amazing Detective Mysteries”, but focused on crime-adventure rather than detective puzzle plots.

    • Publishers:
      • Non-Pareil Publishing Corp.; 655 Madison Avenue, New York 21, NY: Justice

    • Editors:

    Kelly’s Magazine    (about)
    Reprint magazine rebinding unsold copies of Complete Detective Novel Magazine and Wild West Stories and Complete Novel Magazine.

    • Publishers:
      • Teck Publications, Inc.; 222 West 39th Street, New York, NY: Kelly’s Magazine

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