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    Needle    (about)
    Small press detective magazine, subtitled “a magazine of noir”. Website:

    • Publishers:
      • Needle Magazine; PO Box 1585, Louisa, VA 23093: Needle

    • Editors:

    Nero Wolfe Mystery Magazine    (about)
    A short-lived reprint digest magazine, featuring an introduction by Rex Stout, a Nero Wolfe novella, ten reputable short stories, and a crossword in each issue.

    • Publishers:
      • Hillman Periodicals, Inc.; 4600 Diversey Avenue, Chicago, IL: Nero Wolfe Mystery Magazine

    • Editors:
      • Rex Stout - Supervising Editor: Nero Wolfe Mystery Magazine

    New All-Action Stories    (about)
    A loosely-connected series of thin pulps that were (mainly) numbered sequentially but varied between detective, romance and westerns, at least, and each of which had a different title. The series “title” was never listed in the table of contents, but was mentioned in advertisements for “other titles in the series”.

    • Publishers:
      • T.V. Boardman & Co., Ltd.; 14 Cockspur Street, London SW1: New All-Action Stories

    New All-Action Stories [#1, New Western Stories, 1949] (T.V. Boardman & Co. Ltd., 1/-, 96pp, pulp)
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    • Need Contents

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