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    All Mystery    (about)
    Dell’s first attempt to issue a mystery digest magazine. A good line-up of authors, but all with reprinted stories.

    • Publishers:
      • Dell Publishing Co., Inc.; 261 Fifth Avenue, New York 16, NY: All Mystery

    All Star Detective    (about)
    Commenced with Volume 1 #2. There was no prior issue copyrighted.

    • Publishers:
      • Manvis Publications, Inc.; 4600 Diversey Avenue, Chicago, IL: All Star Detective

    • Editors:

    All Star Detective Stories    (about)
    This Clayton pulp started life in 1928 as a “general fiction” magazine called Three Star Magazine, subsequently Three Star Stories, which ran for 34 issues to September 1929. Then, in October 1929, the magazine changed to a detective pulp with the name All Star Detective Stories.

    • Publishers:
      • Three Star Publishing Corporation; 80 Lafayette Street, New York, NY: All Star Detective Stories

    • Editors:

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