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    Real Detective [v32 #1, July 1934] (25¢, pulp)
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    • Paradise in Hell [Part 3 of 5] · Bernie Angus · sl

    Real Detective [v33 #1, November 1934] (25¢, pulp)
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    Real Detective [v34 #4, June 1935] (Real Detective Publishing Company, Inc., Chicago, 25¢, 100pp, bedsheet)
    Details supplied by John Locke.
    • 50 · Murder at Moat Farm · Edgar Wallace · ar; by “The great English master of detective writing”.

    Detective Tales Supplement
    In the 1920s a handful of short stories were reprinted as standalone pamphlets possibly to help advertise the magazine.

    • Publishers:
      • Rural Publishing Corp.; 854 N. Clark Street, Chicago, IL: The Detective Tales Supplement

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