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    The Underworld Detective
    Title changed from The Underworld Magazine.

    • Publishers:
      • Carwood Publishing Co.; 29 Worthington Street, Springfield, MA: The Underworld Detective

    • Editors:
      • Tom Wood - Editor: The Underworld Detective

    Underworld (UK)    (about)
    Short-lived magazine with a mix of reprints from US pulps and original stories.

    • Publishers:
      • New Fiction Press; 104, Southampton Row, London, W.C.1: Underworld

    • Editors:

    Underworld Romances:
    Short-lived attempt to merge the gang and love pulp genres.

    Underworld Romances

    • Publishers:
      • Popular Publications, Inc.; 205 East 42nd Street, New York, NY: Underworld Romances

    Underworld Love Stories
    Title changed from Underworld Romances.

    • Publishers:
      • Popular Publications, Inc.; 205 East 42nd Street, New York, NY: Underworld Love Stories

    Underworld Stories    (about)
    Another thin Australian digest, this one seemingly containing only reprint stories. Subtitled “incorporating Crime Story Magazine” even though Crime Story Magazine was being published at the same time. Number of issues published not known.

    • Publishers:
      • Blue Diamond Publishing Company: Underworld Stories

    Underworlds    (about)
    Underworlds was launched as a tri-annual paperback magazine that sought “to create a bridge between crime fiction (especially, but not necessarily exclusively, of the noir school) and horror fiction”. It folded after only two issues in two years.

    • Publishers:
      • Underworlds Magazine; Ridgewood, NY: Underworlds

    • Editors:

    Variety Detective Magazine:
    Promising “12 stories for 10¢”, Variety Detective Magazine only lasted for 8 issues before changing to Lone Wolf Detective Magazine under which it ran for a further 8 years until wartime shortages brought it to an end. The early issues, at least, featured a number of unacknowledged reprints from Detective-Dragnet Magazine under different author names and titles and there are no doubt many more that have not yet been identified.

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