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White, Stewart Edward (1873-1946) (stories)

White, Ted [i.e., Theodore Edward White] (1938- ) (stories)

White, William A(nthony) P(arker) (1911-1968) (stories)
Editor, critic, writer, co-founder of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. He was born and died in Oakland, California.

Whiteford, Wynne (Noel) (1915-2002) (stories)

Whitehead, Henry S(t. Clair) (1882-1932) (stories)
Educated at Columbia and Howard Universities and Berkeley Divinity School; Episcopalean minister, expert on West Indian social customs and life; very popular among the readers of Weird Tales magazine, where his literate tales of creepiness were exceptional. Born in Elizabeth, New Jersey; died in Dunedin, Florida.

Whitehill, (Howard) Joseph (Jr.) (1927-2011) (stories)
Born in Columbus, Ohio and died in Haverford, Pennsylvania; served in U.S. Navy; earned a masters degree at Johns Hopkins Unviersity, followed by doctoral program in criminal justice at Florida State University; accountant, master machinist and electronics designer; became manager of a tool corporation and of Whitehill Oil Corporation.

Whitehouse, Arch [i.e., Arthur George Joseph Whitehouse] (1895-1979) (stories)
Author, journalist, screenwriter, cartoonist. He was in the Royal Flying Corps, No. 22 Squadron, and is credited with destroying 16 enemy aircraft and 6 kite balloons. Born in Northampton, England; came to the United States in 1905; died in Lincoln Park, New Jersey.

Whitelaw, David (1875-1971) (stories)
Born in London. Journalist; editor of The London Magazine and The Premier Magazine. Lived in Brighton.

Whitfield, Raoul F(alconia) (1896-1945) (stories) (assoc.)
Writer of crime novels and short stories. Born in New York City.

Whitman, H. E. O. [i.e., Esmond Oram Whitman] (1900-1980) (stories)
This is the name under which Esmond Oram Whitman, 1900-1980, was known in his life and writing. Born in Utah, raised in Kansas, spent many years in Arizona, and died in Santa Monica, California. Possibly his last name was originally Witman.

Whittle, Tina (fl. 2010s) (stories)

Wickham, Harvey (1872-1930) (stories)
Novelist and essayist. Born in Middletown, New York; died in Rome, Italy.

Wiecek, Mike (fl. 2000s-2010s) (stories)

Wightman, Archibald John (1908-1985) (stories)
Born in Edinburgh; was deputy Director of Textiles in Bengal; died in Scotland.

Wilcox, Don [i.e., Cleo Eldon Wilcox] (1905-2000) (stories)

Wilcox, Harry (1909- ) (stories)
Born Percival (or Perceval) George Albert Wilcox in Leyton, Essex.. Served extensively with the British military in the Far East.

Wilcox, J(ames) M(ilton) (1895-1958) (art)

Wild, Elle (fl. 2010s) (stories)

Wilde, Percival (1887-1953) (stories)
Born in New York City; educated at Columbia University; served in U.S. Navy during WWI; inventor of airplane compass devices adopted by the Navy; playwright and book reviewer.

Wilder, Marshall P(inckney) (1859-1915) (stories)

Wiley, Hugh (1884-1968) (stories)
Born in Zanesville, Ohio; construction engineer in the U.S., Canada and Mexico; settled in Los Angeles; died in Berkeley, California.

Wiley, Michael (fl. 2000s-2010s) (stories)

Wilhelm, Kate [i.e., Katie Gertrude Meredeth Wilhelm Knight] (1928- ) (stories)

Wilkins, Kelli A. (fl. 1990s-2010s) (stories)

Wilkins, Susan (fl. 2010s) (stories)

Wilkinson, Lupton A(llemong) (1897-?) (stories)

Willard, Fred(erick R.) (1947- ) (stories)
Former news photographer living in Atlanta.

Willeford, Charles (Ray, III) (1919-1988) (stories) (assoc.)

Willets, Gilson (1869-1922) (stories)
Born in Hempstead, Long Island.

Willett, E(rnest) Noddall (1871-1934) (stories)
Father of Charles de Balzac Rideaux.

Williams, Alan (1890-?) (stories)
An Alan Williams who was a playwright and theater personage died in Los Angeles, California, in 1945. It may not have been this man.

Williams, Beatriz (fl. 2010s) (stories) (assoc.)

Williams, Ben Ames (1889-1953) (stories)
Born in Macon, Mississippi; educated at Dartmouth; lived in Massachusetts and died in Brookline.

Williams, Charles (1909-1975) (stories)

Williams, G(eorge) H(oward) (1912-2011) (stories)

Williams, John (Stanley) (1925-2006) (stories)
Died in Worthing, England.

Williams, Joy (1944- ) (stories)

Williams, (George Francis) Lloyd (1869-1951) (stories)
Journalist and author born in Surrey, England, and died in Sussex.

Williams, Robert Moore (1907-1977) (stories)

Williamson, Alice M(uriel, née Livingston) [Mrs. C. N. Williamson] (1869-1933) (stories)

Williamson, C(harles) N(orris) (1859-1920) (stories)

Williamson, Geoffrey (1897-1976) (stories)
Died in Shepway, Kent.

Williamson, Jack [i.e., John Stewart Williamson] (1908-2006) (stories)

Willis, (Walter) Bruce (1955- ) (stories) (assoc.)

Wilmot, (Walter) Robert Patrick (1904-1968) (stories)
Born in Montana; reporter and newspaper editor, radio and song lyric writer; lived in New York City in 1950s; died in London.

Wilson, Alexander (Douglas Chesney) (1893-1963) (stories)

Wilson, Colin (Henry) (1931-2013) (stories)

Wilson, Edmund (1895-1972) (stories) (assoc.)

Wilson, F(rancis) Paul (1946- ) (stories) (assoc.)

Wilson, Guy [i.e., Guy Etherington-Wilson] (1926- ) (stories)
Born in Epsom, Surrey; ran English language schools in various countries; then ran independent 6th form college for girls for 12 years.

Wilson, John Morgan (fl. 2000s-2010s) (stories)

Wilson, Neill C(ompton) (1889-{c}1960) (stories)
Reporter, writer and editor. Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota; lived in California.

Wilson, Robert McNair (1882-1963) (stories)
Born in Glasgow; educated at Glasgow University; physician in general practice, 1905-1913; specialist in heart diseases, 1920-1933.

Wilson, Robin (Scott) (1928- ) (stories)

Wilson, Ruth (1884-?) (stories)
Born in Traer, Iowa; sister of Margaret Wilson.

Wilstach, John (Hudnall) (1890-1951) (stories)
Born in Oakland, California, son of a former executive in the Hays Office (overseers of Hollywood censorship); prolific pulp author.

Winch, Marie Elspeth Agnes (Makgill) (1895-1939) (stories)
Born in Auckland; daughter of Sir George Makgill; living in Kent in the 1930s.

Winchell, (Nathaniel) Prentice (Jr.) (1895-1976) (stories)
Born in Evanston, Illinois; died in Tallahassee, Florida; worked for an advertising agency, then newspaper man; editor of trade publications, journalism lecturer; wrote and produced over 500 radio mystery shows, wrote for films and TV; published some 400 magazine detective stories, including 40 about Fire Marshal Ben Pedley, besides those books listed below.

Winchester, Clarence (Arthur Charles) (1895-1981) (stories)

Windas, Cedric W(ilford) (1888-1966) (stories)
Artist, writer, expert on naval customs and vocabulary. Born in Richmond, Victoria, Australia; came to the United States in 1913; died in Hermosa Beach, California.

Wingate, Susan (fl. 2010s) (stories)

Winslow, Horatio (Gates) (1882-1972) (stories)
Born in Racine, Wisconsin.

Winston, Lois (fl. 2000s-2010s) (stories) (assoc.)

Winter, Douglas E. (1950- ) (stories) (assoc.)
Retired lawyer living in Virginia.

Winter, Eric (1905-1982) (art)

Winters, Ben(jamin Allen) H. (fl. 2000s-2010s) (stories)

Wire, H(arold) C(hanning) (1899-1987) (stories)
Born in California, lived there most of life; author of some 300 magazine stories.

Wittmack, Edgar Franklin (1894-1956) (art)

Wodehouse, [Sir] P(elham) G(renville) (1881-1975) (stories)

Wolf, Lori (fl. 2010s) (stories)

Wolfe, Gene (Rodman) (1931- ) (stories)

Wolfe, Jesse (fl. 2000s-2010s) (stories)

Wolff, William Almon (1885-1933) (stories)
Born in Brooklyn; educated at New York University; contributor of fiction to magazines.

Wollheim, Donald A(llen) (1914-1990) (stories)

Wolson, Morton (1913-2003) (stories)
Living in New York. Author of many pulp detective stories in the 1940s as Peter Paige.

Wonderly, W(illiam) Carey (1890-1931) (stories)
Born in Baltimore, MD.

Wong, S. G. (fl. 2010s) (stories)

Wood, (Samuel) Andrew (1887-1966) (stories)

Wood, Clement (1888-1950) (stories)
Born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama; educated at University of Alabama and Yale Law School; lawyer, educator, poet and novelist; lived in N.Y. Husband of Gloria Goddard.

Wood, Jonathan ({c}1956- ) (stories)

Wood, Stuart (fl. 1960s-1970s) (stories)
Perhaps Canadian writer Stuart Zachary Taylor Wood (1889-1966)

Woodfin, Henry (A.) (1927-1998) (stories)
Born in Buffalo, New York; music (jazz) critic there.

Woodhall, Edwin Thomas (1886-1941) (stories)
Educated at St. Georges Commercial School, Ramsgate; author and journalist.

Woodrow, Nancy Mann (Waddel) [Mrs. Wilson Woodrow] (1867-1935) (stories)

Woods, Paula L. (1953- ) (stories)
Native of Los Angeles; has M.A. in public health from UCLA; with her husband owns and operates a book packaging and marketing company.

Woodward, Ann (F.) (1926- ) (stories)
Student of Japanese history and language; living in Ann Arbor.

Woodward, Edward (Emberlin) (1882-1951) (stories) (assoc.)
Born in Kidderminster; living in Berkshire in the 1930s.

Woollcott, Alexander (Humphreys) (1887-1943) (stories)

Woolrich, Cornell [i.e., Cornell George Hopley-Woolrich] (1903-1968) (stories) (assoc.)

Wordingham, James A(rthur) (1917-1997) (stories)
Born in London, England; died in Kent; journalist, then editor of The Norfolk Chronicle.

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