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    Super-State by Brian Aldiss (Orbit, May 2, 2002, 1-84149-144-6, £16.99, 230pp, hc, cover: [photo] by Bill Brooks)
        Satirical SF novel; subtitled “A Novel of a Future Europe”.

    Trillion Year Spree by Brian W. Aldiss & David Wingrove (Gollancz, October 1986, 0-575-03942-6, £15.00, 511pp, hc)
        Non-fiction, critical study of the history of science fiction; an extensive revision and expansion of Aldiss’s Billion Year Spree (1973).

    The Twinkling of an Eye, or, My Life as an Englishman by Brian Aldiss (Little, Brown UK, November 19, 1998, 0-316-64706-3, £20.00, 484pp, hc)
        Autobiography of the author. Illustrated with 8 pages of photographs.

    Vanguard from Alpha by Brian W. Aldiss (New York: Ace Double, 1959, D-369, 35¢, 109pp, pb, cover by Ed Emshwiller)
        Sf novel, bound back-to-back with The Changeling Worlds by Kenneth Bulmer.

    Walcot by Brian Aldiss (Goldmark, November 2009, 978-1-870507-27-1, £20.00, 528pp, hc, cover: [photo] by Jay Goldmark)
        Mainstream novel about the Fielding family.

    When The Feast Is Finished: Reflections on Terminal Illness by Brian & Margaret Aldiss (Little, Brown UK, May 13, 1999, 0-316-64835-3, £16.99, x+230pp, hc, cover: [photo] by Clive Aldiss)
        Memoir of the final weeks of life of Margaret Aldiss after the diagnosis of inoperable cancer.

    White Mars, or, The Mind Set Free: A 21st-Century Utopia by Brian Aldiss & Roger Penrose (Little, Brown UK, November 25, 1999, 0-316-85243-0, £16.99, 323pp, hc)
        SF novel of colonists on a 21st-century Mars which has been designated a preserve for science, legally protected from exploitation or development.

    Who Can Replace a Man? by Brian W. Aldiss (Harcourt Brace World, 1966, LCC# 66-22272, $4.50, 253pp, hc)
        Reprint (Faber and Faber 1965 as Best Science Fiction Stories of Brian W. Aldiss) SF collection.

    The Year Before Yesterday by Brian W. Aldiss (Franklin Watts, April 1987, 0-531-15040-2, $16.95, 227pp, hc)
        SF fixup novel composed of Equator (Brown, Watson 1958) and “The Impossible Smile” (Science Fantasy May & June 1965 as by Jael Cracken) and a new novella, “The Mannerheim Symphony”, which serves as a framing device.

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