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    Sky Horizon by David Brin (Subterranean Press, August 2007, 978-1-59606-109-5, $35.00, 123pp, hc, cover by Scott Hampton) [High Horizon]
        Young-adult SF novella. Teens get hold of an alien. This is a signed, limited edition of 1500; a lettered edition of 26 signed leatherbound copies, housed in a custom traycase ($150.00) is also available. Volume one in the series.

    Antediluvian Tales by Poppy Z. Brite (Subterranean Press, November 2007, 978-1-59606-116-3, $25.00, 116pp, hc, cover by Shadow Angelina Starkey)
        Associational collection of seven stories, two original, set in New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina, most featuring the Stubbs family. Brite’s foreword discusses the effect Katrina has had on her work. A signed, limited edition of 400 with bonus chapbook, The H.O.G. Syndrome, is also available ($45.00).

    Crown of Thorns by Poppy Z. Brite (Subterranean Press, June 2005, $15.00, 24pp, ph, cover by Mary Fleener) [Dr. Brite]
        A brand new short story about Poppy’s alter ego, Dr. Brite, a forensic pathologist. Limited to 300 signed numbered softcovers, and 52 signed lettered hardcovers ($75.00).

    D*U*C*K by Poppy Z. Brite (Subterranean Press, December 2006, 978-1-59606-076-0, $35.00, 132pp, hc, cover by Greg Peters) [Rickey and G-Man]
        Associational novella, a Rickey and G-Man culinary caper set in New Orleans; this could be considered an alternate world story, since in this world Hurricane Katrina missed New Orleans. This is a signed edition; a lettered, traycased, leatherbound edition of 26 signed copies ($150.00) is also available. Announced as Waiting for Bobby Hebert.

    The Feast of St. Rosalie by Poppy Z. Brite (Subterranean Press, January 2003, $15.00, 32pp, ph, cover by Gail Cross) [Stubbs family]
        Poppy Z. Brite has spent the past year exploring the lives of the Stubbs family, a clan whose roots are sunk deep in the traditional culture of New Orleans. These characters appear in her forthcoming novels The Value of X and Liquor as well as several of the stories in her forthcoming collection The Devil You Know. “The Feast of St. Rosalie” is another such story. Limited to 750 numbered softcover chapbooks and 100 numbered hardcovers ($75.00), signed by author.

    The H.O.G. Syndrome by Poppy Z. Brite (Subterranean Press, November 2007, ph, cover by Poppy Z. Brite)
        Original short story distributed with the signed, limited, edition of Antediluvian Tales.

    Plastic Jesus by Poppy Z. Brite (Subterranean Press, October 2000, 1-892284-73-1, $20.00, 105pp, hc, cover by Mary Fleener)
        Associational quasi-alternate-history novella about a rock group, based on the Beatles but with the names changed, in which “John” and “Paul” are gay lovers. Illustrated and with an afterword by the author. Also available in a signed edition, limited to 600 numbered copies ($45.00), with additional chapbook (Would You?). Also available in a traycased edition, limited to 9 lettered, signed, copies ($400.00).

    The Seed of Lost Souls by Poppy Z. Brite (Subterranean Press, 1999, 1-892284-25-1, 46pp, ph, cover by Dame Darcy)
        Chapbook documenting the steps to Lost Souls containing an exclusive introduction, the previously unpublished novella that eventually became Poppy’s first novel, an unpublished book review/essay on vampires, and an interview dating from the time of Lost Souls’ publication. Ilustrated by Dame Darcy. Limited to 500 numbered copies, signed by Brite. Also available in a limited edition of 52 signed hardcovers.

    Triads by Poppy Z. Brite & Christa Faust (Subterranean Press, September 2004, 1-931081-40-9, $40.00, 231pp, hc, cover by Miran Kim)
        Horror novel expanded by adding two sections to the novella “Triads” (1997). Interrelated horror stories of homophobia, anti-Asian bigotry, and a possible vengeful ghost. This is a signed hardcover edition; a deluxe limited edition of 250 with an extra section and two related stories (-41-7, $60.00) is also available.

    The Value of X by Poppy Z. Brite (Subterranean Press, May 2003, 1-931081-67-0, $35.00, 183pp, hc, cover by Michalopoulos) [Rickey and G-Man]
        Associational novel of growing up gay in New Orleans. This is a signed limited edition; a lettered edition of 26 ($150.00) is also available.

    Would You? by Poppy Z. Brite (Subterranean Press, October 2000, 12pp, ph, cover by Poppy Z. Brite)
        Limited to 750 numbered, signed, copies; given away with purchase of the limited edition of Plastic Jesus.
    Details taken from online listing.

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