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    The Bram Stoker Society Journal [No. 7 (1995)] ed. Richard Dalby (Dublin: The Bram Stoker Society, 40pp, ph)
    Details supplied by Douglas A. Anderson.
    • 1 · Editorial · Richard Dalby · ed
    • 2 · Bram Stoker and the Cinema · Leslie Shepard · ar
    • 12 · Why Westenra? · Mark Pinkerton · ar
    • 16 · An Irish Vampire? · R. S. Breene · ar The Occult Review October 1925
    • 20 · The Ghostly Tale: Must the Author Believe? · Albert Power · ar
    • 32 · Everyman Remembers · Ernest Rhys · ar (r); personal reminiscences of Bram Stoker series.
    • 33 · The Contemporary Reviews: Man · [uncredited] · br Punch September 27 1905 [Ref. Bram Stoker]
    • 34 · Personal Recollections of Acting: From Oscar Wilde’s “The Picture of Dorian Gray” to Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” · Hurd Hatfield · ar

    Brave [v1 #3, November 1957] ed. Walter Kaylin (Humor Digest Inc., 15¢, cover by Clarence Doore)
    Details supplied by Andrea Giudice from Table of Contents.
    • 4 · Crazy Wild to Kill Me · Steve Walters · ts; “One man’s grim battle with a savage wolf.”
    • 11 · They Kiss Fire · Irwin Isenberg · ts; “Men leap from space to battle fire.”
    • 18 · How Rugged Can You GET · [Various] · gp; “Short tales of incredible valor.”
    • 20 · Sittin’ Pretty · [uncredited] · ss; “Squaw from Brave’s Wigwam tells a story.”
    • 24 · Ho! Rassle That Bull · Marv Kitman · ts; “Of the first and last U.S. bullfight.”
    • 30 · Two-Legged Wally · Uncle Travis · ss; “Uncle Travis tells a tall tale.”
    • 34 · Rebel Fury in Ambush · Peter Throckmorton · ts; “First-hand account of ambush in Algeria.”
    • 42 · We Saw Them Eat Him Alive · Alex Austin · ts; “A bout with the deadly piranha.”
    • 49 · “I Didn’t Want to Kill Him” · Willie Sloan · ts; “Unless one decided to quit, a man was going to die.”
    • 56 · Fair Game in the Woods · [uncredited] · pi; “An elusive subject for the camera’s lens.”
    • 60 · White Magic in Zululand · H. Rider Haggard · ex (r); “An episode by the famous English storyteller.” likely from The Ghost Kings, 1908.

    Brave and Bold Weekly [#314, December 26, 1905] (Street and Smith, 5¢)
    from Details supplied by Denny Lien.
    • 1 · The Young Marooner; or, An American Robinson Crusoe · Frank Sheridan · nv

    Brave and Bold Weekly [October 1, 1910]
    from Adventure House auction. Details supplied by Denny Lien.
    • · Fighting the Redcoats or The Boy Heroes of the Revolution · T. C. Harbaugh · ss

    Breezy Science Stories   (about)
    This title probably does not exist. It does occur in the occasional magazine checklist but exhaustive research and inquiries have turned up absolutely no information on it. The earliest reference to it is in a Bradford Day checklist of the early 1950’s. Day lists the title as being British and says that there were at least two issues dated November 1935 and January 1936, although he has no data on either issue. Copies do not exist in either the British Library or Oxford’s Bodleian Library, but many fan publications were not sent to either library so it is possible that, if Breezy Science Stories does exist, it is an early fanzine. However, no known collector or researcher has ever seen a copy of Breezy Science Stories, so it is likely that this title is apocryphal, and that indexers after Day simply picked up his reference and incorporated it into their own work.

    Breezy Stories:   (about)

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