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    Cavalier (1952)   (about)
    Cavalier—USA; Nov. 1952-? (#300 in Oct. 1975); Fawcett; monthly; big slick; editors included Frank M. Robinson (1960s); a men’s magazine, not to be confused with the earlier Munsey pulp The Cavalier; authors of fiction include Ray Bradbury, David Ely, Carol Emshwiller, Mickey Spillane, Jerome Weidman, Robert F. Young, Stephen King.

    Cavalier [v1 #1, November 1952]
    Issue partially indexed from Index to Fantasy & Science Fiction in Munsey Publications by Henry Hasse & William L. Crawford.

    Cavalier [v5, #49, July 1957] ed. James B. O’Connell (Fawcett Publication Inc., 25¢, quarto, cover by Frank McCarthy)
    Given as Cavalier: Action and Adventure for Men on the cover. Details supplied by Andrea Giudice from Table of Contents.
    • 4 · You Said It! · [The Readers] · lc
    • 5 · The Plunderers · Bob Crichton · ts; “Hidden treasure has always attracted adventurers.”
    • 6 · Ambush! · Peter Throckmorton & Herb Greer · ts; “An amazing report of a death fight in Algeria.”
    • 12 · Certain Women—Anneve · Erskine Caldwell · ss; “She had a problem almost as old as time.”
    • 16 · The Incredible Balloon Voyage of John Wise · George Scullin · ts; “He set new records as he raced crazily from St. Louis to New York.”
    • 18 · Murieta: Bandit Who Made California Quake · Andrew Hecht · ts; “He had a terrible revenge on the men who’d crossed him-and many who hadn’t.”
    • 20 · Blackfoot Beauty · Russ Meyer · pi; in full color—a Hollywood starlet from Oklahoma.
    • 22 · Sweden’s Web-Footed Fliers · [uncredited] · pt; “These experimenters have to bail out from a speedboat!”
    • 24 · Most Daring Impostor of Them All · Ralph Vanessa · ts; “Ferdinand Demara has a strange effect on people he meets during impersonations.”
    • 28 · Room for Rent, with Built-in Murder · Tom Bailey · tc; “Not everyone laughed at the way Mrs. McCreary kept her boarder warm.”
    • 31 · Gags for Men Only · [uncredited] · hu
    • 32 · Terrible Decision on Mont Blanc · Paul Henissart · ts; “If they made the right choice, two men would have to die.”
    • 37 · This Logging’s the Creziest · Gene Daniels · ar; “Three daring skindivers are making a fortune going after sunken logs.”
    • 40 · Deadly Baby in Our Belly · Dick Halvorsen · ts; “Six miles up, two men acted-and saved the crew from a horrible death.”
    • 42 · The Unshootable Record Rhino · Robert Halmi · pt; “On Kilimanjaro, a daredevil photographer shoots the rhino with the longest horn.”
    • 44 · The Bodies Beautiful or Rome · M. E. Chaber · na

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