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    The Gunner [No. 1, January 1920] ed. F. F. (The Royal Artillery Institution; London, 9d, 40pp, 8½″ x 11″)
    Details supplied by John Eggeling.

    The Gunner [v1 #2, February 1920] (The Royal Artillery Institution; London, 9d, 40pp+, quarto)
    Fiction only listed. Details supplied by John Locke.

    Gunsmoke Western [v1 #6, May 1938] (Manvis Publications, Inc., 15¢, pulp)
    Details supplied by John Locke from Table of Contents.

    Gunsmoke Western [Vol. 2 No. 1, October 1938] (Manvis Publications, Inc., 15¢, 130pp, pulp)
    Details taken from Table of Contents.

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