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    Darkling Plain [v1 #2, Fall 2001] ed. David M. Cox (Stone Dragon Press, $6, 132pp, 7¾″ x 9¼″, cover by Philip Hoffman)
    Speculative Fiction. Notes: Contributing Editors are listed as Martha A. Hood, Michael McCarty, and Robert Subiaga, Jr. Production credited to C.J. Stone (Stone Dragon Press). While the issue is dated Fall 2001, Mike Ashley reports that it was not distributed until late March or early April of 2002 (by which time MarsCon, which bought an ad on page 87, had already happened…). While page 2 says all inquiries should go to a California address, page 131 asks for submissions to a Minneapolis address (which is not the same Minneapolis address as that of Stone Dragon Press, as given on page 18). Both paid ads in the issue are for Minneapolis-area conventions, and the layout etc. of the magazine appears to me to be heavily influenced by local magazine Tales of the Unanticipated (whose editor, Eric Heideman, had an article in the first issue—I probably once knew what the exact relationship had been, but if so I’ve since forgotten). Details supplied by Denny Lien.

    Dead Lines   (about)

    • Publishers:
      • Crash-Landing Press; Tolland, CT: Dead Lines.
    • Editors:
    • Features:
      • Night Time Selections · Cathy Buburuz · br; Nov 95, Apr 96.
      • Skewed Reviews · Kurt Newton · fr; Nov 95, Apr 96.
      • More Reviews, Plugs, & Ads · Nan Purnell · br; Nov 95, Apr 96.

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