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    Mask Detective   (about)
    British reprint edition of Dime Mystery Magazine.

    • Publishers:
      • Atlas Publishing & Distributing Co. Ltd.; 18 Bride Lane, London EC4: Mask Detective.

    The Masked Detective (1933)   (about)
    A sample, ashcan, issue was filed with the Library of Congress to register the title, but it was never turned into an actual newsstand pulp.

    • Publishers:
      • Lowell Publications, Inc.; 37 West 19th St., New York, NY: The Masked Detective.

    The Masked Detective (1940)   (about)
    The Masked Detective was launched in 1940 at the height of the popularity of the “pulp hero” magazines, and each issue featured a novel about Rex Parker, the “masked detective”, as well as a handful of short stories and departments. It appeared on a quarterly basis but only lasted 12 issues before becoming a casualty of the paper shortages of World War II.

    • Publishers:
      • Better Publications, Inc.; 22 West 48th Street, New York, NY; and later at 10 East 40th Street, New York, NY: The Masked Detective.
    • Editors:

    Masked Gun Mystery   (about)
    Launched as a companion magazine to Fantasy and Fear and Peculiar Adventures. After the first issue, all three were gathered under the umbrella title of Pro Se Presents…, with each of the titles, using their original numbering, published once every three months in a rotating schedule.

    • Publishers:
      • ProSe Productions; 133 ½ Broad Street, Batesville, Arkansas, AR 72501: Masked Gun Mystery.
    • Editors:

    The Masked Rider Western Magazine:   (about)

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