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    Minnesota Quarterly [v9 #3, Spring 1932] ed. Harry E. Pederson (University of Minnesota, 40¢, 80pp, 5½″ x 8¾″)
    note: The Quarterly Prize for prose went to Howard Wandrei for “The Romany Rye” and that for poetry to Louis Evans for “Wind-Thirst.” Monica Crawczyk placed second in prose and Donald Wandrei in poetry. The Spring 1932 was the last issue of Minnesota Quarterly until a revival (Fall 1948 through Spring 1950, which I’ll likely index later). There’s nothing in the Spring issue to indicate a suspension was planned. Details supplied by Denny Lien.

    Minnesota Technolog   (about)
    Official student publication of the Institute of Technology, University of Minnesota. Special science fiction issues.

    The Minster [v1 #2, February 1895] (6d, 112pp, standard)
    Photos or illoes on almost every page. It’s mostly non-fiction and I’ve only indexed the fiction. In the brief ’editorial’ called “Minster Chimes” it comes out with the usual guff about being pleased with the reception it has received and that it hopes it is filling a gap. It says it is intended primarily as a “Church magazine”, and that’s not only obvious from the title but evident from the articles which are very theological and ecclesiastical. Details supplied by Mike Ashley.

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