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    Nova Science Fiction Novels:   (about)
    Published one issue in 1953, then restarted the next year in a slightly different format.

    • Publishers:
      • Nova Publications Ltd.; London: Nova Science Fiction Novels.

    Nova Science Fiction Novels [#1, 1954] (2/-, 160pp+, digest, cover by Gerard Quinn)
    • 5 · The Weapon Shops of Isher [Isher] · A. E. van Vogt · n. Greenberg Publishers, 1951
      fix-up novel incorporating “The Seesaw,” Astounding Jul ’41, “The Weapon Shop,” Astounding Dec ’42, and “The Weapon Shops of Isher,” Thrilling Wonder Feb ’49.

    Nova SF   (about)
    Small press sf fiction magazine.

    • Publishers:
      • Zanzibar Productions; Cheltenham, England: Nova SF.
    • Editors:

    The Novel Magazine   (about)
    The Novel Magazine—UK; Apr. 1905-Dec. 1937 (393 issues); C. Arthur Pearson, London; monthly; standard pulp; editors Percy Winn Everett (1905-?), E. Charles Vivian (1918-?), Miss N. W. Kennedy (in 1924 and 1934); Pearson’s rival to Newnes’s The Grand Magazine, an all-fiction stablemate to the more up-market Pearson’s Magazine and The Royal Magazine; it had a bias towards light romance, but also included many mystery and ghost stories and, from Jan. 1912 featured a regular “uncanny tale” slot (later the basis for two anthologies); also published “The White Ghost of Disaster” by Mayn Clew Garrett (Jun. 1912, reprinted from the US May 1912 Popular Magazine) which presaged the sinking of the Titanic; authors included Sax Rohmer, Edgar Wallace, Talbot Mundy, A. M. Burrage, Elinor Mordaunt and many US writers (Achmed Abdullah, Ray Cummings, Murray Leinster); dropped most weird fiction by 1923 and shifted more to romance and mystery, publishing many stories by Agatha Christie and Richmal Crompton.

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