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    Photo Detective   (about)
    A light fiction detective magazine “with as fresh a slant as tomorrow’s newspaper.” The stories were illustrated with photographs of models. The men are shown fully clothed and generally intently examining clues. The women show a lot of leg.

    • Publishers:
      • Emess Publishing Company; 404 N. Wesley Avenue, Mount Morris, IL: Photo Detective.
    • Editors:

    Photo-Play World [May 1919] (35¢, standard)
    Novelizations of silent films. Details supplied by Michael Ward.
    • 9 · The Marriage Price · Arline Grier · ss
      derived from “For Sale”, by Griswold Wheeler, Saucy Stories, Sep. 1918.
    • 16 · The Jungle Trail · Margery Graham · ss
    • 38 · Faith · Frances Whelan · ss
      derived from “Faith” by Richard Washburn Child, Every Week, Dec. 31, 1917.
    • 45 · A Man and His Money · Laurence Greenwood · ss

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