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    Pep Stories:   (about)

    Subtitled “New, Snappy, Spicy Stories and Art”.

    Pep! [v1 #2, January 1927] (Art Group, 25¢, 64pp, cover: photo of Frances Norton by De Mirjian) (Full Text)
    Table of Contents gives incorrect page numbers for “Enid’s Escapade” and “A Sinner in Hopeville.” Correct page numbers given below. Details supplied by Richard Newsome from an online copy at the Internet Archive.

    Pep! [v1 #4, March 1927]
    Issue not indexed.

    Pep! [v1 #5, April 1927]
    Issue partially indexed.

    Pep Stories
    Title changed from Pep!; given as Pep at the top of the Table of Contents, but Pep Stories everywhere else. Subtitled “New, Snappy, Spicy Stories”.

    Pep Stories [v2 #4, September 1927] (standard)
    Issue partially indexed from The Standard Index of Short Stories by Francis J. Hannigan.

    Pep Stories [v2 #6, November 1927]
    Issue not indexed.

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