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    Real Story Book [v1 #9, July 1929] (King Publishing Company; Wilmington, pulp)
    Details supplied by John Locke from Table of Contents.

    Title changed from Real Story Book Frolics.

    Frolics [v3 #2, December 1930]
    Issue not indexed.

    Frolics [v3 #3, January 1931]
    Issue not indexed.

    Frolics [v3 #4, February 1931]
    Issue not indexed.

    Frolics [v3 #5, March 1931]
    Issue not indexed.

    Frolics [v3 #6, April 1931]
    Issue not indexed.

    Frolics [v3 #7, May 1931]
    Issue not indexed.

    Frolics [v3 #8, June 1931]
    Issue not indexed.

    Real Tempting Tales:   (about)

    Real War   (about)
    “A Magazine Devoted to the Interests of Fighting Men, Everywhere.”

    Real War [v2 #2, October 1958] ed. Eric Jonathan (Stanley Publications, 35¢, 68pp, pulp, cover by Vic Prezio)
    “Special Issue: THE WAR IN SPACE!” Details supplied by John Boston.
    • 4 · What Is This Issue About? · [The Editors] · ed
    • 8 · From the Dream to Reality · [uncredited] · ar; “The first conquest of space has been the goal of humanity since the first man looked up at the stars. This is the story of that ambition.”
    • 10 · What Are Your Chances for Survival? · Allan J. Dickinger · ar; “LIFE: A war for the control of space and the road to the universe. DEATH: The war of nuclear horror and the end of our civilization.”
    • 18 · The Last G.I. · Lou Cameron · ss; “The patrol walked into the valley of death. All about was emptiness and the devastation of all-out A-bomb war. Then, one by one, they began to fall.”
    • 20 · We Died Like Flies on the Beach-heads of Space · Bill Becker · ss; “There was no retreat. We had to win or die. And don’t let anyone tell you that an enemy in space is any easier than one on the ground.”
    • 22 · How Well Is the Enemy Prepared? · Richard van Benschoten · ar; “We have already seen the scientists behind the Iron Curtain beat us with satellites. Now let’s see what they’re preparing for the future.”
    • 23 · How Well Are We Prepared? · Richard van Benschoten · ar; “In this brain war we have no alternative. We must win if we are to survive. And here is what we’re doing about it… today!”
    • 28 · Out of This World · [uncredited] · pi; “Things may change, but one thing always remains the same-women! So here’s a gorgeous gal to look at, to relish and to relax over.”
    • 30 · P.O.E.—1968 · Harland P. Flourie · ss; “You’ve been through it, the last stop on the road to overseas service. This is the way it happened to three Joes in Arizona.”
    • 32 · The Sex Plan for the Breeding of Spacemen · Thorp McClusky · ar; “It won’t be easy developing a race of men and women physically and mentally conditioned for life in space. Here’s how we’ll do it.”
    • 34 · Soldier in Space: Problems in Existence · Lawrence Elliott · ar; “Did you ever consider how a soldier is going to live in an airless, waterless, pressureless universe—let alone fight in it?”
    • 36 · Get the Convoy Through! · Robert Lichello · ss; illustrated by John Schoenherr; “Right beside us, a ship went up in a bubble of flame. And now they were on us, blasting at our precious cargo of air, water and supplies!”
    • 38 · The Last War on Earth · Howard L. Oleck · ss; “This is the big picture, the overall history of the next war, from the first sudden shock to the ultimate victory!”

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