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    Saga [v1 #1, June 1934] ed. Lowell Thomas (Albert Buranelli, Long Prairie, Minn., 25¢, quarto, cover by Earl Oliver Hurst)
    Details supplied by John Locke from Table of Contents. No items bylined in Table of Contents.

    Saga [Vol. 8 No. 1, April 1954] (Macfadden Publications Inc., quarto, cover by Herb Mott)
    Details taken from eBay listing.
    • · Elegant Mouthpiece · Edwin Linn · ar; the story of J. Roland Sala with photos that include Pat Ward and Jim Kilgallen. Story centers around the Jelke case.
    • · Wars I Have Seen Written and Illustrated · John Groth · ar
    • · The Complete and Authentic Life of Jesse James · Carl W. Breihan · ex Frederick Fell, Inc., 1953; illustrated by photos
    • · Case of the Substituted Corpse · Herbert Asbury · ss; illustrated by Paul Callé; about John C. Cult central figure in a New York murder in 1841.
    • · The Wonderful Three Horse Hitch · John C. V. Morris · ar; illustrated by Jack Hearne
    • · Attack at Anchor · George Fielding Eliot · ss; illustrated by Herb Mott; the United States against the British again as Master Commandant Thomas MacDonough, US Navy and the Saratoga take center stage.
    • · They Swept the Seas · Melvin R. Etheridge · ts; illustrated by Ed Valigursky; the story of a skipper that has knocked off 5 Japanese ships and with a tiger by the tail, couldn’t let go. Stars Lieutenant Bill Yeager and the U.S.S. Rainbow.
    • · Johnny Gaunt Captured a Railroad · Frank J. Canney · ts; illustrated by Leo Summers
    • · The Crippled Stallion · Robert V. Williams · ss
    • · Baboon Slayer · David Marais · ss; illustrated by Tom Beecham
    • · Why Did Not She Marry the Repairman · Arthur Marx · ss
    • · The Race That’s Hardly Ever Run · Al Hirshberg · ar; the Inferno ski race in New Hampshire.
    • · Stan Smith’s Guide to Trout Fishing · Stan Smith · ar

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