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    Science Fiction [v1 #3, January 1933] (15¢, 22pp, large, cover by Joe Schuster)
    “Vandals from Pluto” is listed on the contents page but it first appears in the next issue.

    Science Fiction (1939)   (about)
    Merged with Future Fiction.

    • Publishers:
      • Blue Ribbon Magazines, Inc.; Holyoke, MA: Science Fiction, Mar 1939 – Dec 1939.
      • Double Action Magazines, Inc.; Chicago: Science Fiction, Mar 1940 – Jan 1941.
      • Columbia Publications, Inc.; Springfield, MA: Science Fiction, Mar 1941.
      • Columbia Publications, Inc.; Holyoke, MA: Science Fiction, Jun 1941 – Sep 1941.
    • Editors:
    • Features:

    Science Fiction (Australia)   (about)
    Science Fiction is primarily a journal of review and criticism. In its earlier issues it ran some fiction and verse. These items are listed here. The magazine continues to be published as of 1992 but no longer carries any fiction.

    • Publishers:
      • Van Ikin; Sydney, NSW, Australia: Science Fiction.
    • Editors:

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