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    Storyteller (1987)   (about)
    Storyteller: Short Stories by Australian Writers, compiled by Ann Granat.

    “Storyteller is a quarterly magazine committed to promoting Australian writers and writings.… Unpublished stories of around 500-4000 words are welcome. Rates payable for contributors are $39.00 per thousand words.…”

    Storyteller [#1, 1987] ed. Ann Granat (Brooks Waterloo; South Melbourne, $5.95, 111pp, octavo, cover by Judy Barclay)
    Cover has a gray border around an inset painting of a many-branched tree, one of the branches of which turns into a (ghostly?) woman’s face; slightly in the background is a white bird which seems to radiating golden light (a phoenix?) sitting atop a red device that is probably meant to be some sort of throne or altar but which looks to me like nothing so much as a large red perfume bottle. Details supplied by Denny Lien.

    Storyteller Contest:   (about)

    The Strand Magazine (1890)   (about)
    The Strand Magazine was the leading UK popular fiction magazine, and a major trendsetter, publishing most of the famous writers of its day, in particular A. Conan Doyle (the “Sherlock Holmes” short stories, which set the fashion for series stories, especially those featuring a hero-and-sidekick), Grant Allen, E. W. Hornung, W. W. Jacobs, H. G. Wells, E. Nesbit, Rudyard Kipling, A. E. W. Mason, Anthony Hope, O. Henry, P. G. Wodehouse. It was edited by Herbert Greenhough Smith (1891-1930) and Reeves Shaw (1930-Sep. 1941) although the only editor listed from the beginning until his death in June 1910 was George Newnes.

    Towards the end of it’s run (1946 on) the precise title drifted somewhat, appearing variously as Strand, The Strand or Strand Magazine but there was no consistency to the changes, that often varied between cover, spine, running heads and Table of Contents so it has been decided to leave the title as The Strand Magazine throughout its run.

    • Editors:
      • W. H. J. Boot - Art Editor: The Strand Magazine, 1891 – 1910.

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