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    Suspense Stories   (about)
    Short-run magazine that published a series of original stories by the publisher’s in-house writers ranging from gangster yarns to conventional tales of detection—often with a hint of science fiction or the supernatural.

    • Publishers:
      • Curtis Warren Ltd.: Suspense Stories.

    Suspense Stories [No. 3, n.d. (November 1954)] (Curtis Warren Ltd., 1/-, 96pp, digest, cover by Ray Theobald)
    Details supplied by Alistair Durie.
    • 3 · Gordon’s Town · Derry Falcon · ss
    • 18 · Night Call · Ewen Williams · nv
    • 43 · What Happened to Clambake? · R. G. Evand · ss; given as by R.C. Evand in the Table of Contents.
    • 60 · He Wanted a Gun · Kane Rice · ss

    Suspense, the Mystery Magazine   (about)
    This magazine was based on the Columbia Broadcasting System radio show by the same name. Each issue also contained a preview of the next issue in the form of the first two pages of a story to be published in that issue.

    • Publishers:
      • Suspense Magazine, Inc.; 314 No. Robertson Boulevard, Los Angeles 36, CA: Suspense, the Mystery Magazine.
    • Editors:

    Suspense, the Mystery Magazine [v1 #3, January/February 1947] (Suspense Magazine; Los Angeles, CA, 25¢, 112pp, digest)
    • · Double Entry · Roby Wentz · ss [Ref. Robert Minton]
      broadcast December 20, 1945, script by Robert Minton.
    • · Fool Proof · George MaGuire · ss [Ref. John Shaw]
      broadcast November 2, 1943 as “Statement of Employee Henry Wilson”, script by John Shaw.
    • · The Ten Grand · Cleve Cartmill · ss [Ref. Virginia Radcliffe]
      broadcast June 22, 1944, script by Virginia Radcliffe.
    • · The Pasteboard Box · Fred K. Hamm · ss [Ref. Joe Grensabach]
      broadcast January 17, 1946 as “Just a Cardboard Box”, script by Joe Grensabach.
    • · The Black Shawl · H. J. Jonas · ss [Ref. Richard R. Lewis]
      broadcast July 27, 1944, script by Richard R. Lewis.
    • · Of Maestro and Man · Mark O’Steele · ss [Ref. Jo Issinger]
      broadcast July 20, 1944, script by Jo Issinger.
    • · A World of Darkness · Barj Karolian · ss
      broadcast January 20, 1944, scriptwriter not identified but may be director William Spier.

    Swan American Mags   (about)
    A rotating genre magazine, with contents of issues varying between detective, SF and western magazines, mostly reprinted from Columbia Magazines. Only 5 issues were crime/detective, but all are listed for convenience.

    • Publishers:
      • Gerald G. Swan, Ltd.; London, England: Swan American Magazine.

    Swan American Mags [#1 (New Series), Western Yarns (1950)] (Gerald G. Swan, 9d, 36pp, small pulp)
    This issue is identical to the original No. 1 except for “No. 1 New Series” on the cover.

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