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    Vanity Fair (US) [November 1997]
    Issue partially indexed.
    • 278 · Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner · Dominick Dunne · ex from Another City, Not My Own, Crown, 1997

    Vanity Fair (US) [December 2012] ed. Graydon Carter
    Details supplied by Martin Wooster.
    • 200 · Capote’s Swan Dive · Sam Kashner · ar; about finding the manuscript for “Yachts and Things” in Capote’s papers at the New York Public Library.
    • 208 · Yachts and Things · Truman Capote · uw; described as the “final installment” of Capote’s unfinished novel, Answered Prayers; previous installments serialized in Esquire, November and December 1975 and January 1976.

    Vargo Statten Science Fiction Magazine:   (about)

    The British Science Fiction Magazine
    Title changed from Vargo Statten British Science Fiction Magazine.

    • Publishers:
      • Dragon Press, Ltd.; Luton, Beds., U.K.: British Science Fiction Magazine.
    • Editors:
    • Features:

    Variety Detective Magazine:   (about)
    Promising “12 stories for 10¢”, Variety Detective Magazine only lasted for 8 issues before changing to Lone Wolf Detective Magazine under which it ran for a further 8 years until wartime shortages brought it to an end. The early issues, at least, featured a number of unacknowledged reprints from Detective-Dragnet Magazine under different author names and titles and there are no doubt many more that have not yet been identified.

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