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    Westways [v57 #6, June 1965] (Automobile Club of Southern California, 25¢, cover by Gene Holtan)
    Details supplied by K. Becker.
    • 6 · Will Cybernetics Spoil Los Angeles? · Robert Bobrow · ar
    • 37 · Scoundrels Among the Angels · John Reese · ss

    Westways [June 1974]
    Issue partially indexed.
    • · Amazing Confessions of a Pulpateer · Jack Smalley · ar

    WestWind   (about)
    The newsletter of the Northwest Science Fiction Society.

    Title changed from Bones of the Children.

    • Publishers:
      • Paula Guran; Akron, OH: Wetbones.
    • Editors:

    While You Were Sleeping [#24, 2003] (While You Were Sleeping; Bethesda, MD, $4.99, 98pp, slick bedsheet)
    Details supplied by Todd Mason.
    • 36 · Punch-Drunk Love: A Short Study in War Pornography · Ben Letzler · es; illus. with covers from magazines such as MAN’S ADVENTURE and ALL MAN, taken from Adam Parfrey’s IT’S A MAN’S WORLD: MEN’S ADVENTURE MAGAZINES, THE POSTWAR PULPS, Feral House, and with an AP image of a Rowena Morril painting.
    • 43 · A Joy Ceremony · William T. Vollmann · ex
      from 3500 self-indulgent nf pages of Rising Up and Rising Down, to be published by McSweeney’s in a six-volume set.
    • 56 · Tears · Stephen Elliott · vi

    Whispered Legends   (about)
    This could be considered an anthology, since the publisher never planned to do more than one, but has a sufficiently magazine-like format to justify its inclusion here. Another similar one-shot was issued several years later as Violent Legends.

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