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    World Man Hunters   (about)
    Editor: Edgar Sisson.

    • Publishers:
      • Fiction Guild, Inc.; 41 East 42nd Street, New York, NY.: World Man Hunters.

    World of Horror   (about)
    World of Horror was a British horror magazine, mostly concerned with horror films but occasionally dipping into horror fiction. They ran a couple of stories per issue and, for a couple of issues, also ran true-life adventures (reprinted from elsewhere, I suspect).

    The first issue had “bimonthly” emblazoned on the cover but was undated; from issue 2 it was “monthly”, although the editorial indicated that there was a gap in the run between issues 3 and 4 due to industrial action. I’ve tried to nail down dates based on adverts but the issue could have come out one month either way, so treat with caution.

    The listed publisher was Gresham Publishing Group, 344/360 South Lambeth Road, London S.W.8; from issue 2 this became Dallruth Publishing Group, 344 South Lambeth Road, Stockwell, London S.W.8.

    No editorial staff were listed in the first issue, although I suspect the first was probably the same crew who were listed in issue 2 which informs us that Gent Shaw was editor and Lee Kennedy was associate editor. The editorial chair was taken over by Boadicea K. Bathory from issue 8. I’ve got a feeling that both Gent Shaw and Boadicea K. Bathory were pseudonyms.

    A number of other magazines were advertised from the same stable: Issue 1 had an advert for New Occult, “the only monthly journal to deal seriously with all aspects of the occult,” which also “includes two gripping tales of the supernatural”. The second issue advertises two other magazines: Witchcraft and Mystic, both on sale monthly and both, possibly, also containing fiction.

    All the articles were anonymous. The following listing covers the fiction only (and the two “true” stories which were probably also fiction).

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