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    Action for Men [v3 #6, October 1959] (Vista Publications, Inc., 25¢, cover by Gil Cohen) []
    Details taken from eBay listing.
    • · Fraulein U-Boat · David Darrington · ts; “The Last Sub Out of Germany, Kapitän Helmuth Made a Fantastic Dash for Freedom—Carrying a Cargo of Jewels and Five Willing Females.”
    • · 3500-Mile Escape of Seaman Stewart’s Shanghaied Eskimo Bride · James Grey · ts; “It Started When She Was Traded for a Can of Tea. Before It Ended, an Entire Whaling Fleet Was at Stake.”
    • · ’Crazy’ Jock Campbell and His Maniac Tin Can Brigade · Bill Wharton · ts; “He Won Five Victoria Crosses in One Month in His Wild Rampage That Broke the Back of Rommels Afrika Korps.”
    • · “Enforcer” Smith: Keeper of Chicago’s House of Diamond-Studded Dolls · Ben Blake · ar; “Tycoons, Toughs, Tarts—All Played by the Code of This Bouncer Who Ruled the Windy City’s Most Fabulous Bordello.”
    • · Madagascar Mission: The $50.000.000 Peacock Throne · Alex Austin · ts; “It Meant a Lifetime Bankroll for the Whole Salvage Gang If They Could Bring Back the Golden Chair of the Moguls.”
    • · My Life with the Lost Tribe of Amazon Women · Ross Salmon · ts; “In May, 1956, He Came Out of the Primitive Motilon Country Telling of a Strange Village of Forgotten Females.”

    Action for Men [Vol. 4 No. 3, May 1960] ed. K. T. Meyer (Vista Publications, Inc., 25¢, 66pp, quarto) []
    Details supplied by Steve Scott.
    • 6 · Gag Line · [uncredited] · hu
    • 11 · The Squawk Box · [The Readers] · lc
    • 12 · Lucky Miller’s Women-of-All-Nations Spy Machine · Don Mooney · ts; illustrated by Jack Rickard; “He was perfect for the job—the girls liked him, the Allies needed him and the Japs hated him.”
    • 16 · Stand By to Scuttle Sub · William C. Chambliss · ts; “After Pearl Harbor, with the Pacific Fleet almost a myth, only a handful of subs stood between Australia and invasion from the Far East.”
    • 18 · “I Murdered Them All—but Can You Prove It?” · Carl Evans · ts; illustrated by Julian Paul; “Scotland Yard was completely roadblocked by the gentleman killer who left no corpses.”
    • 22 · Action for Men Final · [uncredited] · cl
    • 24 · “Death Before Capture” Escape of Lt. Clem Summersill · Clay Blair, Jr. · ex from Beyond Courage, David McKay, 1959; illustrated by Al Rossi; “Korea’s strangest behind-enemy-lines ordeal”.
    • 28 · She Was Only a General’s Daughter · [uncredited] · pi
    • 32 · The Two-Ocean Vice Fleet of Maria Cobham · Ken Jones · ts; illustrated by Frank Soltesz; “From the moment she walked aboard the Jolly Companions, every ship doubled its watches.”

    Action for Men [v5 #5, September 1961] (Vista Publications, Inc., 25¢, cover by Charles Copeland) []
    Details taken from eBay listing.
    • · Terror Camp Breakthrough of AWOL Seaman Hank Prescott · James Christopher · ts; “When the Japs Bombed Manila, Dec. 7, 1941, He Was Cut Off from All Allied Help and Driven Into One of the Most Desperate Survival Ordeals of the War.”
    • · L.A.’s Police Stakeout for the Lovers’ Lane Rapist · Don Dwiggins · ar; “Hollywood’s Top Make-Up Artists Changed a Bunch of Hard-Boiled Cops Into Luscious Bait for the West Coast’s Craziest Sex Trap.”
    • · Bailout to Hell · Bill Wharton · ts; “Shot Out of His Plane, the B-29 Pilot Became a Sitting-Duck Target for 20,000 Ft. Down to the Pacific.”
    • · Dr. Cream and the Nighttime Girls of London · Stan Bair · ts; “For 12 Months the Lambeth Road Terror Forced Every Streetwalker in Town to Double-Lock Her Door.”
    • · The Day the GI’s Beat the Red Army in Russia · Charles Whiting · ts; “This Fantastic American Combat Mission on Soviet Soil Still Has Khrushchev Raging.”
    • · “Take Me Back to My Boots and Saddle” · Terry Higgins · ts
    • · The Great Plague · A. A. Hoehling · ar; “It Started with a Common Cold and Ended When the Victims Turned a Ghastly Dark-Blue.”

    Action for Men [v8 #2, March 1964] (Vista Publications, Inc., 25¢, cover by Mort Künstler) []
    Details taken from eBay listing.
    • · Seaman Joe Andrews and His Guerrilla Girls · George W. Hayes · ts; illustrated by James Bama; “The Only Yank at the Battle of Stalingrad, He Headed the Weirdest Vodka-And-Skirts Partisan Band to Fight on Any Front.”
    • · Sin Capital of all Vice-Cities · Jack Stewart · ar; “Teenage Girls Ask Men on Nude Swimming Dates and Sex Education Starts in the First Grade in the Pleasure-Mad Paradise of Sweden.”
    • · Fantastic Saboteur Who Held Off a Jap Division · Manley Anderson · ts; illustrated by Robert Powell; “Once the Young Officer Made His Escape, the Troops of the Rising Sun Faced a Mysterious Karate Terror Who Butchered Without Warning.”
    • · Vito Genovese: Crime King of the World · Jack Kaplan · ar; “He Started As a Cheap Hood and Wormed His Way Up Until He Was Giving the Executian Orders, and He Still Does—From Behind Bars.”
    • · Bed and Board Bachelor Blonde: Evelyne Lacroix · [uncredited] · pi
    • · 83 Days Drifting—U. S. Navy’s Greatest Raft Ordeal · Alvin Nizer · ts; illustrated by Bob Stanley; “They Turned Into Scavengers of the Ocean, Eating Snails, Birds and Shark Meat Raw. But They’d Soon Start Dying Wholesale.”
    • · “I’ll Take any Woman—Work for any Country” · Col. S. S. Packett · ts; illustrated by Ray Johnson; “Mystery Man Alf Reid Could Handle Any Spy Job in the World for the Right Price, But He Ended Up on Peiping’s Must-Die List.”

    Action for Men [v8 #6, November 1964] (Vista Publications, Inc., 35¢, cover by Charles Copeland) []
    Details taken from eBay listing.
    • · Leyte—Bloodiest Naval Battle of All Time · Hanson W. Baldwin · ts; “We Broke Japan’s Power at Sea, But Command Foul-Ups Almost Cost Us Our Invasion Forces and Military Experts Still Can’t Agree Who Was Wrong.”
    • · Pvt. Proctor’s Nude Harem That Decoyed Rommel’s Afrika Korps · Edwin Johnson · ts; illustrated by Bob Stanley; “He Mixed Gin and Dames with a One-Man War That Made Him the Nazis’ Most Hunted Target”.
    • · Sold by the U.S.: A Gun for Any Killer · S. David Pursglove · ts; “A National Scandal: Crooks Can Buy ”Scrap“ Arms for Peanuts—And Murder Unlimited.”
    • · Sex Life of the American Prostitute · Benjamin Morse, M.D. · ar; “She May Be Cold As Ice, But She Can Make Any Guy Feel He’s the Only Man in Her Life.”
    • · Strip-and-Run Tease · Hank Warden · ss; illustrated by Ray Johnson; “If He Didn’t Find the Key to Her Passions, She Would Drive Him Crazy.”
    • · Secret Return of the Nazi Terror · John Godfrey · ts; “1964’s Staggering Expose: Hitler’s Thugs Are Ready for Another Bloody Stab at World Rule.”
    • · She’s a Gold Mine for A. T. & T.: Colleen O’Mara · [uncredited] · pi
    • · “Pilot All Shot Up…How Do I Land This Crate?” · Ray Michaels · ts; illustrated by George Wilson; “Green As Grass, He Had to Fly the Plane Home—To the Disastrous Nose Dive for the Runway.”
    • · Pleasure Pen Hideout of Paris’ Female Cons · Allan Rand · ts; illustrated by Al Rossi; “Police Had to Find the Underground Den of the Love-Sick Kidnapers and Their Male Victims.”

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