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    The Belgravia Annual [Christmas 1897] []
    The 1897 Christmas Annual is incorporated into the January 1898 issue of Belgravia. “Belgravia Annual” is printed on the cover of the January issue, but not on the title-page to volume 95. The January issue runs to 192 pages. No separation is made between January items and Annual items, either in the contents list to volume 95 or in the contents list to January issue.

    Bella [22 January 2002, Issue 3] (H. Bauer Publishing, 66p, 58pp, 9″ x 11.5″) []
    Only fiction listed.

    The Bellman   (about)
    The Bellman was a general interest periodical published in Minneapolis weekly from mid-1906 to mid-1919. Three late volumes are online at HathiTrust, and it looks at a quick glance as though the format never changed much: 9″ x 12½″, ten cents a copy, one short story per issue of circa 24-28 pages, with the balance filled with one or two articles and a number of regular columns featuring book and play reviews, political news, local social news, poetry, jokes, and so on. Rarely there might be more than one story in an issue. The editor was William C. Edgar and the publisher The Bellman Company.

    The Bellman [v1 #1, July 21, 1906] ed. William C. Edgar (Bellman Company: Minneapolis, 10¢, 9″ x 12½″) []
    From bound volumes in the Minneapolis History special collection at Hennepin County Library, Central branch. Fiction only listed. Below are the issues unusable/unindexable from the U of MN copies whose listings were previously posted.
    Details supplied by Denny Lien.

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