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    Blossom [195?] (Paget Publications) []
    Although published in the UK, the only price listed anywhere is 75¢.
    Details taken from Table of Contents.

    The Blue Book Magazine:   (about)
    The Blue Book Magazine began life in May 1905 as The Monthly Story Magazine; in September 1906 this changed to The Monthly Story Blue Book Magazine and in May 1907 to The Blue Book Magazine as which it ran for 45 years before finally changing to Bluebook in February 1952. Note that the precise title actually varied from time to in different parts of the magazine, as discussed below. In addition, all issues to April 1914 had the word “Stageland” in large letters on the cover, leading some sources to assume the magazine was called Stageland during this period.

    In general, contributions by readers have been listed on the assumption they might be of interest. The one exception is that reader contributions identified only by initials have been omitted.

    Listings provided by Mike Ashley, Victor Berch & Gene Christie unless otherwise indicated.

    For more information see Blue Book—The Slick in Pulp Clothing by Mike Ashley.

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