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    Four O’Clock [#63, May 1902] (Four ’Clock Publishing Co.; Chicago, 5¢, 32+4pp, 6¾″ x 10″) []
    Saddle-stampled on a paper like soft blotting paper which (in this copy at least) has held up quite well. There are black and white and even color TIP-IN illustrations. Strangest of all the contents page lists a “poster” called “The flower girl” and laid into this issue is indeed a color illustration of a flower girl. All the other tip-ins are on blank pages, so if this had fallen out of the middle of the magazine, it would be obvious where it goes. But a faint glue trace and a difference in the color of the paper from sunning indicates that the picture was tipped onto the FRONT COVER by a faint line of glue along the top edge.
    Details supplied by Darrell Schweitzer.

    Four Star Mystery   (about)
    One-shot mystery pulp. Numbering probably continued from Four Star Love.

    • Publishers:
      • Four Star Fiction Group: Four Star Mystery.

    The 14th Alternative   (about)

    • Publishers:
      • Gate VI Publishing Company; Elmhurst, IL: The 14th Alternative.
      • Editor: The 14th Alternative.

    The Fractal   (about)

    • Publishers:
      • Fractal Ink Press; Fairfax, VA: The Fractal.
      • Editor: The Fractal, #1 – #2.
      • Editor: The Fractal, #3 – .

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