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    The Goose Girl Magazine [v3 #9, December 1948] (Gottingen, 1/-, 36pp+, 6¼″ x 9¼″) []
    The Journal of the College of the Rhine Army “Since it was founded in November 1945, ”The Goose Girl“ has endeavoured to fill its pages entirely with contributions from students and staff at the College of the Rhine Army, both past and present.” Details supplied by John Locke.

    The Gorgon   (about)

    • Publishers:
      • Stanley Mullen; Denver, CO: The Gorgon.
    • Editors:
    • Features:
      • Denver Doings · Bob Peterson · ar; Mar, Sep 47, Jan 48, v2 #1.
      • Ebony Tower · Stanley Mullen · br; Mar, May, Nov 47, Mar/Apr 48, v2 #1-3.

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