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    The Saturday Evening Post [v230 #17, October 26, 1957] (10½″ x 13½″, cover by John Clymer) [] (Full Text)
    Details taken from eBay listing.
    • · Love Is a Risk · Nancy Pope Mayorga · ss; illustrated by Coby Whitmore
    • · The Brushoff · Peggy Simson Curry · ss
    • · Trial Surgery · Kenneth Landon · ss
    • · The Child No One Wanted · Neill C. Wilson · ss; illustrated by R. G. Harris
    • · Death on the Water Front · Milton MacKaye · ar; illustrated by [photos]; the story of the terrible blast that shook Texas City, Texas in 1947 killing over 500 people. Includes 6 photos of the wreckage and dead and of W. H. Sandberg, SS Greencamp, wreck of the Wilson B. Keane.
    • · The Face of America: The Hues of Autumn · Harland Sutherland · pi; a two page photo of East Andover, New Hampshire.
    • · Johnny Can Read in Joplin Missouri · [Misc.] · ar; illustrated by [photos]; with photos of Bobby Seiler, Cheryl Peck and other students by Roul Tunley.
    • · An American Is Tried in Paris · Toni Howard · ar; the story of Joe Daigneault.
    • · Pro Football’s All-Around Man · Stanley Frank · ar; with photos of Frank Gifford that includes Mamie Van Doren.
    • · Good Duty If You Can Get It · John Burns · pi; the story of the Air Force Academy. Photos include Gary Carschinick with Tom Riesland, Don Madonna, George Clark.
    • · They All Gave Me Advice · Leonard Lyons · ar; includes photos of Peggy Hopkins Joyce, Billy Rose, Ethel Barrymore, Frank Haugue, Robert Merril, Gypsy Rose Lee, John Barrymore, Edie Adams with Ernie Kovacs.
    • · Hornblower and the Star of the South [Part 2 of 2; Horatio Hornblower] · C. S. Forester · sl; illustrated by Ken Riley
    • · Trouble at Midas Creek [Part 4 of 7] · Robert Ormond Case · sl

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