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    Thriller (1962)   (about)
    A confession format horror magazine with ludicrous photo covers. Printed in Canada.

    • Publishers:
      • Tempest Publications; New York: Thriller.
    • Editors:
    • Features:

    Thriller Library   (about)
    Publisher: Amalgamated Press.
    Run: Jul 1934-Jun 1935 (24 issues).
    Frequency: 2 per month.
    Format: 100pp.

    The Thriller Library was a short-lived title from the mid-1930s, running only 24 issues between July 1934 and June 1935. All issues were 96 pages, and the line-up was as good as its namesake weekly, mixing original stories and reprints, including stories by Margery Allingham and Henry Holt and American authors Arthur Roche and Arthur Stringer. Some novels were subsequently reprinted: Gerald Verner’s single contribution quickly turned up as a Wright & Brown hardcover, whilst George E. Rochester’s “Dead Man’s Gold” subsequently appeared in The Thriller and in hardcover from John Hamilton in 1938.

    Although aimed at a more adult audience, the title and contents are listed here to distinguish this series from the weekly Thriller which, for part of its run, was also known as The Thriller Library.

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