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    Aboriginal Science Fiction Anthology
    Magazine-format anthology of 12 stories from earlier issues of the magazine.

    • Publishers:
      • Absolute Entertainment, Inc.; Woburn, MA: Aboriginal Science Fiction Anthology

    • Editors:

    About Mysteries [December 1999]
    • Death on the Rocks · Guy Belleranti · vi; Can you help Sheriff Dark solve the mystery of “Death on the Rocks”? —

    About Mysteries [January 2000]
    • The Deadly Friend · Guy Belleranti · vi; A conflict between friends turns deadly—2 murders solved in under 250 words.
    • A Painful Day in Pinedale · Guy Belleranti · vi; Sunday morning stick-ups aren’t supposed to happen in Pinedale... neither is murder —
    • A Witness’s Words · Guy Belleranti · vi; A victim’s murmurs are the only clues to the identity of her attacker —

    About Mysteries [February 2000]
    • The Case of the Broken Window [Jason Johnson] · Guy Belleranti · vi; Some kids don’t miss any clues—Can you figure out who broke the window?
    • The Case of the Murdered Manager · Guy Belleranti · vi; Unraveling the clues left by the victim, Lieutenant Molly Mulroy makes sure his killer strikes out —
    • Reprisal · Guy Belleranti · vi; There are some people you just should never mess with...

    About Mysteries [March 2000]
    • The Case of the Stolen Apples [Jason Johnson] · Guy Belleranti · vi; When Mrs. Allison’s apples are stolen—and on her birthday, too—Jason follows the clues to solve the mystery.
    • Meeting at Midnight · Guy Belleranti · vi; Be careful who you trust when you’re planning a murder —

    About Mysteries [April 2000]
    • The Case of the Missing Money [Jason Johnson] · Guy Belleranti · vi; Jason Johnson is back on the case when his cousin’s club house is robbed.
    • Dodging Shadows · Guy Belleranti · vi; metimes when you are dodging shadows, you end up running right into danger —

    About Mysteries [Spring 2000]
    • The Cajun Triangle · Stephen D. Rogers · vi; What to do... What to do... when your husband is so inconsiderate as to cause you to murder him...

    About Mysteries [August 2000]
    • The Expert · Guy Belleranti · vi; When you are doing a job for the crime boss, you want to make sure you’ve hired an expert—
    • It’s All Relative · Donna Moore · vi; There’s nothing like an unexpective inheritance from an unknown relative... especially when you’re prepared to do anything to get it —

    About Mysteries [September 2000]
    • The Case of the Stolen Jewelry [Jason Johnson] · Guy Belleranti · vi; When Jason Johnson is accused of the crime, he has no choice but to find the true culprit...
    • In a Writer’s Mind · Guy Belleranti · vi; In mystery fiction, the time to be afraid is when the story becomes all too real in the writer’s mind.

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