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    Bizarre Mystery Magazine    (about)
    Despite the title and the editorial promise of “the supernatural, the weird, the wild, the fantastic”, the magazine mainly contained stories of murder mystery and suspense.

    • Publishers:
      • Pamar Enterprises Inc.; Concord, NH: Bizarre Mystery Magazine

    • Editors:
      • John Poe - Editor: Bizarre Mystery Magazine
      • Sean Kelly - Associate Editor: Bizarre Mystery Magazine

    Black Aces    (about)
    Subtitled “Lone Wolf Stories of Action”, Black Aces was a short-lived Black Mask imitation that never quite hit the hard-boiled mark.

    • Publishers:
      • Fiction House, Inc.; 220 East 42nd Street, New York, NY: Black Aces

    • Editors:

    Black Bat Detective Mysteries    (about)
    Although Black Bat Detective Mysteries was centered around a series of stories featuring “The Black Bat”, this is not the same crime fighter that was made famous in Black Book Detective Magazine but is instead a separate character created by Murray Leinster..

    • Publishers:
      • The Berryman Press, Inc.; 103 Park Avenue, New York, NY: Black Bat Detective Mysteries

    • Editors:

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