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    About Mysteries [October 13, 2000]
    • A Halloween Surprise · Tim Myers · vi; Halloween holds many surprises—and things are rarely as they seem... a halloween mini-mystery.
    • Trick or Treat · Tim Myers · vi; The true rewards in life, even on Halloween, are not what treats you receive but what treats you give out... a halloween mini-mystery.
    • The Tell-Tale Glow · Mary Welk · vi; A Modern Retelling of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Tell-Tale Heart.
    • A Howling Good Mystery [Stanley Street Irregulars] · Patricia Harrington · vi; When a dognapper hits Stanley Street, the Stanley Street Irregulars go to work to rescue a neighbor’s pregnant dog.

    About Mysteries [November 27, 2000]
    • The Cocktail Party · Michelle Giles · vi Murderous Intent Fll 1999; You just never know what might be on the minds of the man and woman whose eyes met across a crowded room at the cocktail party...
    • A Messy Obsession · Nick Andreychuk · vi; Rory’s obsession for his own form of sadistic entertainment could get him life if he’s caught...
    • The Fugitive · Tim Myers · vi; Fate has a funny way of bringing her own brand of justice—even to a fugitive who’s having a really bad day...
    • Too Many Cozies? · Donna Moore · vi; A tongue-in-cheek look at what could happen if you overdose on cozy mysteries...
    • The Assignment · Michelle Giles · vi Murderous Intent Win 1998; Just when the teacher had begun to lose hope for her student, she turns it around with the assignment...
    • Kitchen Killing · Guy Belleranti · vi; You just never know how a kitchen killing will serve justice...

    About Mysteries [December 26, 2000]
    • Frosty the Snowman · Donna Moore · vi; Not your ordinary holiday tale, this Frosty the Snowman has murder on his mind...
    • The Case of the Christmas Wagon · Guy Belleranti · vi; There’s nothing worse than having a Christmas gift stolen—but not to worry, Jason Johnson is on the case...

    About Mysteries [January 3, 2001]
    • Bank on It · Remy LeDoux · vi; There are some advantages to being behind the teller line—and you can bank on it!
    • Inherit the Works · Walda Cameron · vi; There are times when you inherit just what you deserve—take, for instance, the situation in this original mini-mystery.
    • I Never Promised You a Rose Garden · Maddy Van Hertbruggen · vi; Take a wild romp in this purely-for-fun flash mystery
    • The Houdini Homicide · Henry Slesar · vi; Only the master illusionist Houdini could solve this homicide...
    • No More Excuses · Guy Belleranti · vi; There comes a time in every man’s life when he has no more excuses.
    • The Case of the Disappearing Doggie · Christine A. Verstraete · vi; Gina and her cousin Mick decide to help little Tim find his lost dog—can you figure out where he is before they do?
    • Temporary Assignment · J. R. Skelton · vi; The first day on the job can be murder...

    About Mysteries [January 29, 2001]
    • You’ll Never Look Better · Guy Belleranti · vi Murderous Intent Sum 1997; Some people never looked better than they do in death...
    • Two-Timing · Michelle Giles · vi; How hard could it be to get away with murder of your two-timing husband? —
    • Loyal Love · Patricia Harrington · vi; There is nothing quite like the loyal love of your cat...
    • Big, Beautiful Woman in Love · Chelle Martin · vi; This big, beautiful woman in love can really knock ’em dead...
    • Lady Luck · Walda Cameron · vi; Sometimes the only real luck you have is the kind you make for yourself —
    • Front Row Center · Jake Jacobson · vi; When the pay price you’ve paid is too high, you want to be seated front row center —
    • The Wrong Combination · Janet Salvage · vi; Why worry just because your mother thinks your boyfriend and you make the wrong combination? —
    • Lucky Man · Ali Seay · vi; Sometimes there is just know way to know when you are about to become a lucky man —
    • Perfect Timing · J. R. Skelton · vi; Sometimes your life depends on Perfect Timing —

    About Mysteries [February 2, 2001]
    • The Thanksgiving Theft · Guy Belleranti · vi Murderous Intent Fll 1999; Serving a warrant on Thanksgiving is no fun—for the cops or the thieves—but sometimes the smell of roasting turkey can inspire the solution to the mystery of The Thanksgiving Theft.
    • Physician Heal Thyself · Stephen D. Rogers · vi; The trouble, you see, is how to hide the mud on your shoes when you’ve dug your own grave...

    About Mysteries
    The date the following stories were posted has not yet been identified.
    • The Case of the Purple Hands [Stanley Street Irregulars] · Patricia Harrington · vi; The Stanley Street Irregulars band together to catch some thieves purple handed.
    • A Clean View on Murder · Patricia Harrington · vi; Never under estimate your neighbor... especially when you’re planning a murder —
    • Death on the Cliffs of Moher · Patricia Harrington · vi; Irish Garda Inspector Seamus Fitzgerald matches wits against a hired killer —
    • The School Locker Mystery [Stanley Street Irregulars] · Patricia Harrington · vi; The Stanley Street Irregulars are on the case when a Kosovo refugee finds “go home” messages in her .
    • She Scrawled M for Murder · Patricia Harrington · vi; When does a homeless camp need a detective? When one of their own is murdered —
    • Solved Is a Six-Letter Word · Patricia Harrington · vi; What do you do when your livelihood depends on a crossword puzzle book—and its been stolen? —
    • The Bell’s Toll · Charlotte Richards · vi; Intrigued by an iron dinner bell hanging from a lightning-blased tree, mystery writer Charlie Hanaman’s inquiries led him to a story about the toll of the bell—
    • "Far Away" · J. R. Skelton · vi; When your husband is working late... again... sometimes a homemade treat can solve the problem of him being so... far away.
    • One Step Ahead · J. R. Skelton · vi; To be successful in business, and in life, one must always be a step ahead of the competition —
    • Shopping List · J. R. Skelton · vi; When you’ve got a rat in the house, you may find you need to add a new item to your shopping list.

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