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    The Bibliophan! [#1(?) (n.d.)] ed. D. W.
    Details supplied by Sean Wallace.
    • 1 · [Dear Fans (and Fannettes, both of them)] · Anon. · ed
    • 2 · Gems of Wisdom, Filtered out from the Mire of Stf · Anon. · ed; note: The thing perperated by Basil Wells (note the surname!) in [Wollheim’s] Cosmos No. 1, under the title, “Biped”, is the business of the bibliophan. It is lifted, without the slightest acknowledgement, from the great H.G.W.’s “Country of the Blind.”; Note 2: of greater interest is a discussion on “books that are never published,” [or] “bashful authors who lurk, trembling behind a flimsy barrier of pseudonym.” He further discusses “Christopher Blayre,” who wrote a volume titled “The Purple Sapphire, and other Poshumous; Papers” (Phillip Allan, 1921) :The tales comprise a mixed bag of fantasy and stf." The last item on the contents page is “The Cheetah-Girl” yet on page 211: the publishers state “The Publishers regret that they unable to print this MS” When it was reprinted in; 1932, the reference to “The Cheetah-Girl” was deleted and four stories added. The odd thing is, is that in the catalogue of the Cambridge University Library is the following entry: “The Cheetah Girl: being the MS not published with the collection under the title of "The; Purple Sapphire.” (privately published, limited to 20 copies), London, 1923. The editor inquires for any details from his readers on this mystery.

    Bifrost (1983)    (about)
    Previously a Star Trek fanzine titled Antithesis, not indexed. This was the final issue.

    • Publishers:
      • Antithesis Publications; Marietta, PA: Bifrost

    • Editors:

    Bifrost [#1, Summer 1985] (108pp, quarto)
    Issue not found.
    • Need Contents

    Big-Book Detective (UK)    (about)
    British reprint edition of Big-Book Detective Magazine.

    • Publishers:
      • Pemberton’s (of Manchester) Ltd.; 14 Lever Street, Manchester 1: Big-Book Detective (UK)

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